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A Broader Perspective on our Universal Energy Discipline
Old 10-10-2007, 9:49 pm  
No Action, Talk Only
NATO's Avatar

Post A Broader Perspective on our Universal Energy Discipline
(The author does not claim any opinion in this article necessarily represents that of UE school)

The founder of the Universal Energy Healing discipline (UE), Master Luong Minh Dang, had just passed away on the 12th of August, 2007. Millions of students are left with feelings of sorrow, confusion and lost. Where is UE going from here? Most are unable to guess the answer, but there is one thing they can be certain: UE will have to face many inevitable drastic and chaotic changes.

Students of UE generally belong to one of the following categories, with fairly distinct characteristics:
1. This first group includes those who found UE to be their first and only spiritual path. They are very confused, now that their Teacher is gone. However, their spiritual guides would lead them and they will continue to seek both within and outside UE. Their guardians most likely were old students of Master Dang in previous lives, thus, this group of students seem more “loyal” and tend to stay within the UE system.

2. The second group consists of those who either before or after entering UE are open to other spiritual disciplines. After Master Dang’s passing, they will continue to seek in other places. They belong to the “post-newagers’ movement”. We could appropriately call them “the wanderers”. They are mostly Western/European, “foreign” students, very few are Vietnamese. Because this group has a distinct dislike of being limited to any given system, many among them will carry out UE activities outside of the UE official system. Viewed from the greater perspectives or Cosmo level, in the long run, these people will be contributing greatly to the preservation and development of UE in the future. Thus, people in the official system should have a gentle attitude in the interactions with them instead of misplacing them as “the opposing force”.

3. The third group includes those who are disillusioned, dissenting, and they often ask “how can all these be called spiritual?”. They can’t understand the saying “follow the Teaching, not the individual”. These practitioners always ask for perfection in their teachers, so inevitably, they will continue to go through disappointments after disappointments as they go through gurus after gurus, learning as they go. Other UE practitioners should not feel unhappy about them. Such is Spirituality.

4. The fourth group contains the easy-going ones, anything goes, and they focus more on the spiritual discipline itself. These people are open to changes. If and when they decide to help out the UE movement, they will be the more stable force withstanding all the ups and downs of the UE discipline. One can’t ask from them absolute loyalty. If happy they will stay, unhappy they will leave.

5. This fifth group is people who have been working to build UE but for personal gains, be it material, fame or power. Some may not even wholly believe in UE. Note that most systems need this type of driven people to grow effectively. If UE was made up only of untarnished spiritual cultivators, it probably would not have gotten to where it is. Spiritually speaking, this group has done a great deal in building UE; their guardians are high. This group had to suffer spiritual ignorance in order to be so driven and thus successful. They should be helped and guided so that they can gradually learn to let go of their attachments for personal gains.
Summarily, all belongs to the one big UE family. Everyone is important but no one is indispensable. With or without one, all things continue to transform according to their cosmic plan. Each one practitioner is a part of that invisible movement and never outside of it. And each has his or her particular role in it.

Over the past 200 years or so, the work of spiritual “liberation” for mankind has quietly come into being. Millions and millions were born into traditional religions, and then ventured one foot out into “joining” a flowing stream, a spiritual movement. Most are not aware of their joining. In fact, they are not even aware of the existence of such stream. Looking closer, they seem to share the following common characteristics:
• They don’t really follow an absolute, sacred leader or guru, including ones of their own religions.

• They don’t treat any scripture as sacred; instead, they read books, from sacred to mundane, in a “selecting” manner. They collect whatever resonates and ignore what doesn’t. In that very same manner, they seek and practice various disciplines. Eventually, they put together a puzzle as their own personal religion. It’s a part of a bigger “religion”, a spiritual movement that has no organization, no holding, no church leader, no membership, etc.

• Most of them practice some kinds of meditation methods. These methods may be different in nature but practitioners don’t seem to have trouble exchanging knowledge and experiences. They recognize their “brothers & sisters” through the identification of spiritual seekers and few are aware that these brothers and sisters have merged into the common movement.

• Even those in the roles of Teacher/Guru in these disciplines may not be aware that they and their disciplines are a part of that spiritual flowing stream. Master Dang, Madame Thanh Hai, Master Luong Si Hang, Master Thich Nhat Hanh and hundreds other teachers from cultures such as Western, India, China, etc. are all but small rivers pouring into this silent flow. Yet, they believe they are standing independently in their own horizon.
Long ago, after Buddha’s passing, followers were divided into different teachings: Theravada, Mahayana, Tantric, etc. At the first glance, it may have seemed chaotic, but it was this so-called “chaos” that had led to what Buddhism is today. Similar things happened with Christianity: after Jesus, there were the Roman and the Orthodox Catholics, followed by the birth of the Muslim Religion. When more chaos occurred within the Roman Catholics, we saw the birth of hundreds of Protestant churches. Thanks to such “chaos” that there are now more than a billion believers of the biblical God. Similarly, after Master Dang’s departing, “chaos” is certain, and that lies within the Higher plan. Once this is understood, the UE practitioner can reside in peace in the days to come and be harmonious with all the new UE “sects” that are in the making. You will happily carry out what is needed, accept that each UE practitioner’s role is not outside of the Higher plan.

Because of its being one of the spiritual disciplines within the new spiritual flow, UE will have much more to offer; it doesn’t stop at only what Master Dang has taught. This flow is historically called a “movement”. It cannot and will not have organization as with traditional religions. Its essence is to overcome limitations caused by organization. However, any movement needs some degrees of “organizing” to provide a sort of direction. And being controlled is the last thing that it wants. Thus, there must be flexibility in “organizing but without control” for the movement to stay its own course peacefully. The work is difficult, granted, but not impossible.

(In the coming posts, we shall offer ideas on how to organize without control and some concrete solutions for UE.)

No Actio, Talk Only

thay đổi nội dung bởi: NATO, 16-10-2007 lúc 10:56 pm.
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 18-10-2007, 3:56 pm  
Senior Member

Dear NATO,

1. From your post, I dont think I understand the contradictory featuring of your nick ( no action, talk only) : you really deserve ...a practical scholar in religions and religious practices.

2. However, I would ....strongly suggest that you (should) add to your topics in this forum a term "..... as per my personal viewpoint", so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding ( some posts in Vietnamese have already reflected this ....negative feeling ) : In this chaotic period, people may mistakenly think that You speak on behalf of ...those who wish to ...take over the leading role in the UE school ( even though you had explicitly stated at the beginning of every post of yours.) Forgive me for this straight forward statement : I know you have no such desire whatsoever !

2. Looking forward to your coming posts reflecting your view on how to organize without control with concrete solutions to reveal that my post directly addressed to you is an unnecessary suggestion from a...close friend of yours ( which may trigger a series of posts to make this forum frequently visited !!!)

Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 20-10-2007, 4:31 am  
Senior Member
healingnow4u's Avatar

Please remember "Our Primary Objective is LOVE so you can say that our School is a School of LOVE" Quote from Master Luong Minh Dang. If all of Master Dang's Students focussed on just this quote alone. Our MEL School of Healing will succeed.

"The Principle of Universal Energy Healing School is to Love people and to Help people. The daily job of the Universal Energy Practitioner is to heal others. If We look from the perspective of cause/effect and Karma from Eastern philosophy then it is the deed of someone who is good hearted, to generate good cause/effect to other humans, community and country."

We know from Masters Teaching that everything will turn out for the best for MEL School of Healing. Master has told us that we (MEL School of Healing) will be around for 3000 years...so to all those students that have forgotten what Master has taught. Relax and Keep Healing Yourself and Your Loved Ones. Do you Dare to do It?? Fear Not. Master is Helping every one of us when we call to HIM.

Sincerely Yours in Love, Light and Happiness

thay đổi nội dung bởi: healingnow4u, 20-10-2007 lúc 4:36 am.
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Dưới đây là người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến healingnow4u vì bài post hữu ích này:
abhinandha (13-11-2007)
Old 20-10-2007, 7:18 pm  
Super Moderator
lotus's Avatar

Dear healingnow4u,
Your message seems interesting, I agree, but don't you think you stress UE too much, as if it was the only reference for you? OK! I don't see a problem in that, but how can you feel entitled to give "advice"? It's only because I don't understand, and say so!
Then, you claim "love - - -& love to everybody" OK! But why, then, is your first reaction to criticize negatively? I don't understand! And it's "your" point of view!
It's only because I don't understand these contradictions that I'm writing those words,
With Love and Light
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Feminine Principle
Old 21-10-2007, 4:57 am  
Super Moderator
vladimir's Avatar

Default Feminine Principle
Hello Forum friends,

It is actual topic that is in the mind on nearly 3 million our spiritual "brothers and sisters".
I will share mine reflections on the recent events and my view on the future flow.
Not long since Master left physical realm, a kind of important "meeting" was held, with directors of major MEL centers, and shortly after that, the first Notice appeared to proclaim the reign of the Young Prince, elected by the MEL high clergy. In very corporate style, every aspect from UE School was covered, except one issue, so called "Sunday transfer" of UE, with combined frequency for all levels up to L13++.This issue was covered also by agreement by the participants of that meeting, that, the Soul of Master is always with us, and he continues to transfer UE for the seminars.
I reacted on this Notice with open letter and later on with two more (could be found in file section of MEL group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mel_group2007/
It was obvious attempt to imply "corporate style" in UE School, in the manner of group 5. of NATO's classification.
In the meantime, Dr. Theresa reacted with her two open letters to Dr. Trung in the attempt to keep the School unified.
After expiration of 49 days from Master's passing, Dr. Theresa revealed publicly that she was performing combined UE transfer for the seminars, the authority given to her by Master during his difficulties with Belgian authorities.
So, the bid soap balloon about some mysterious transfer disappeared in vain (from where it was originating from), leaving the corporate current in trouble what to do next.
General Notice of October 5. was the answer, neglecting all efforts and calls from Dr. Theresa to keep the School united.
She announced publicly on the video conference with heads of Eastern European centers that she will go on with the School.
From my point of view, we have basically two sides, majority of the directors of MEL centers supporting publicly or silently Dr. Trung and majority of MEL students that support Dr. Theresa. The polls here and in MEL group showed similar results.
I made this retro in order to have clear picture for further discussions basically for all those students that were cut off from proper informing.

Light will prevail...

Love & Light

Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 21-10-2007, 11:29 pm  
Senior Member

to all UE students,

please keep in mind there are always at least two sides in a story. This goes for this story of the so-called camps of lady Theresa versus Trung and head centers as well.
What Vladmir is writing is HIS view on the matter (not even written in a very objective style, if I may say so).

When further discussing this issue, we should not forget that a point of view is not necessarily the truth (if any of us can have a clear view on what THE truth in this matter is....)

Better be careful before judging. Even better not to judge at all.

best regards,

thay đổi nội dung bởi: spring, 21-10-2007 lúc 11:33 pm.
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 21-10-2007, 11:42 pm  
Super Moderator
vladimir's Avatar

Hello Spring,

You are absolutely right: it is MINE view of the events and it was stressed several times in my post.
In the absence of proper informing of UE students, and absence of even asking their opinion on the matter, MEL Group2007 and this Forums are the places of sharing informations, comments, opinions etc.
I put my opinion in 3 open letters to Dr. Trung, hoping to contribute in the matter that seemed not in order for me, which was confirmed later by Dr. Theresa's public announcements.
I do not hide behind nick-names and the name here is my real name, signed also on the letters to Dr. Trung.
The truth - is very dynamic category and depends on the view of the spectator.
I shared my view and nobody's else.

Love & Light

Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 22-10-2007, 1:05 am  
Senior Member

hello Vladimir,

I am glad you stress once again this is your opinion and your view. Words often get their own value and often start living a life of their own. Especially because of the way you picture the story ('young Prince', 'MEL high clergy' 'big soap balloon of mysterious tranfer') your words give me the impression of someone who is highly cynical and maybe a bit biassed by his own perception, which is just a way of looking at matters. It would be a pity if others on this forum would consider your words - after all you being an 'old pal' with a certain authority from the MEL forum of passed days - as the way to see things.

Of course, this is my opinion, which is not worth anything more than yours
I know there are two sides, even if you choose to see only Theresa's side. And these sides may even not be as opposed to eachother as you think. But I don't intend to explain what is not my business. As I don't wish to judge on what is only part of the whole picture, only the part that is publically known.

By the way, I am used to nicknames on public forums. If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable by this, I will be willing, of course, to give you my full name. please let me know on what emailadress I can make myself known and I will do so gladly.

kind regards,
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 22-10-2007, 1:26 am  
Super Moderator
vladimir's Avatar

Default Spring
...is a lovely word and resonates fine, and if you feel fine with it, I do not need to know your real name.
Thank you for the compliment - after all you being an 'old pal' with a certain authority from the MEL forum of passed days- but I do not see myself with any authority at all.
I clearly expressed my view in 3 open letters to Dr. Trung, before it was known that there are sides at all. Just after my third letter, Dr. Theresa sent her open letter to Trung, so my view is not necessarily the same but it matched pretty with her.
"High cynicism" is your perception on my words, but if you see the reaction of Paola Mariani today, how she used the argument of POWER instead the power of arguments, perhaps you will find those qualifications of mine more appropriate.
However, I did not read anything in contrary to the facts and chronology I wrote, only on my style. It is sharp, I admit, but it is me, in first person, singular.
Light of joy to You.
Light will prevail...

Love & Light


thay đổi nội dung bởi: vladimir, 22-10-2007 lúc 3:06 am.
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 22-10-2007, 2:55 am  
thien thu 2
Senior Member

Dear UE fellow Vladimir,

Love reading yr re-appearance in this forum. I said re-appearance because I had lost contact with ...your post since I retired from my "sogo shosha" and since the old forum of mel-ozie was shut down !! ( Do hope you can recognize me with the word sogo shosha- which you used to remember me from our personal acquaintance long time ago).

I have become a genuine gardener in a retreat in a lost corner of my country,
having no PC at home, and have to ...pedal to a public cyber cafe to surf internet ! Thus I don't have much opportunity to chat in this forum. I try to read all posts to keep in touch with our UE world to ..get info.

Appreciating yr info regarding what was going on during and after Master Dang's passing away : I don't get lost at all in my UE spiritual cultivation and still try to aggressively practice this discipline !

Ijyoo yoroshiku !!

Thien thu
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
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