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Gởi Ðề Tài Mới Trả lời
Công cụ Kiếm Trong Bài Xếp Bài
Old 16-03-2009, 2:01 pm  
Senior Member
Darza's Avatar

March Data Blackout


This video covers a strange period on 3-14-2009 to 3-15-2009 where data from ACE,SOHO,GOES 11 & 12 is strangely missing and all at the same time.The strange thing is Ace continued to stream wind data. And GOES 11 was able to issue 2 alerts

ALERT: Electron 2MeV Integral Flux exceeded 1000pfu. Threshold Reached: 2009 Mar 14 1920

Electron 2MeV Integral Flux exceeded 1000pfu. Threshold Reached: 2009 Mar 15 1230 UTC

With regrets the extent of the activity that bombarded the Earth in this period may never be known.

Strange enough during this outage period there was Ground Based Neutrinos Detected
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Old 16-03-2009, 2:08 pm  
Senior Member
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3-15-2009 Magnetosphere

This video covers the Nict Magnetosphere Animation for 3-15-2009 , A Data Blackout corrupted most of the Data used to make this simulation. The only data reported was the Wind Data . The Data Resumes at 19:00 near the end of the Day and near the end of the Video
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Old 16-03-2009, 2:16 pm  
Senior Member
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Anomalous Behavior During Coronal Hole Stream

This Video Covers Anomalous Behavior During Coronal Hole Stream that arrived at Earth on 3-14-2009 .

A IBAS SPI ACS Trigger on 2009-03-14 @ T10:03:18. The peak was recorded on the Nict Data as a Plasma Temperature and Density Spike at Geostationary Orbit and followed by a Sudden Drop in the AE Index

Ace Data Dropout @ 15:18 , Though it sems the wind data is still being reported , most of the data sets have been missing since 15:18 on 3-14-2009 , Thus making it nearly impossible to re-create any data for the Magnetosphere animations other then Wind Speed . I will also add some Goes 11 & 12 real time data has not been updated since about that time

At about that time the above event happened there was Ground based Erratic Fluctuations in Neutrinos

Magnetometer readings form NOAA @ Boulder shows a more significant H Component Drop then what was predicted

SOHO Data drop between 04:00 and 12:00

There were 2 Electron Flux Events 1 on the 14th the other on the 15th = 2MeV Integral Flux that exceeded 1000pfu

So by no way a normal day of space weather , This is not the normal activity one would expect from a High Speed Wind Stream from a Coronal Hole

thay đổi nội dung bởi: Darza, 31-03-2009 lúc 9:49 pm.
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Old 24-03-2009, 4:08 am  
Senior Member
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Cosmic Ray Flux and Neutron monitors suggest we may not have hit solar minimum yet
15 03 2009

"The worldwide network neutron monitors that have since been established gather data that have shown there is a correlation between periodic solar activity and the earthly neutron count."

"Right now we are near the solar minimum, but neutron counts are still increasing. The current science says that if we had passed solar minimum, neutron counts should be decreasing.

Michael Roynane writes today:

The Bartol Research Institute of the University of Delaware manages five real-time neutron monitors, at widely dispersed locations, all of which indicate that over the last six months cosmic rays are increasing. This would not support the hypothesis that we are past solar minimum and suggests that solar minimum has not yet been reached."

Links to the Bartol Research Institute of the University of Delaware:
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Old 26-03-2009, 9:59 am  
Senior Member
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Default Economy
An excellent thread on glp on economics:

[quote:Strongman Shelford]
I lived hyperinflation and financial meltdowns: Ask me a question

Hi all, I am Strongman Shelford.
I am a bank analyst from South America.
I lived through one of the biggest and last financial meltdown on the planet. My first hyperinflation experience was at the age of 9.
I wrote an article which was very popular on the internet a few weeks ago.
It is about the visible patterns in pre-collapsing economies.
US economy has the patterns. So it is guaranteed that the US economy is going to collapse. Probably in less than 12 months.
But now I think that the European Union is doomed too for the same period. So, a simultaneous collapse and a new global financial system and currency system should be ahead.
I have a business degre and star trading the US markets since 2008, but I follow markets from lots of years.

I invite you to ask me about collapsing economies , why "I think the USA is going to collapse" is a guaranteed thing, or things or tips about what to do in those cases.

You can ask any questions!

You can read the popular article here:


Best wishes!
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Dot connecting
Old 26-03-2009, 10:09 pm  
Senior Member
Darza's Avatar

Default Dot connecting
[quote:Anonymous Coward 628644]
Geomagnetic Storm Brewing

THAT BIG ROCK IS COMING AROUND THE BEND......... has it occured to anyone here that the dots are coming to gether rather quickly.......WORLD governments out of control printing and spending LIKE THERE'S NO TOMARROW..... satellites crashing into each other......subs hitting each other......volcanoes, earthquakes going off everywhere.....the push for a citizen's brigades to help the civilian population......mass graves being made around the country for WHO.....and why.....FLOODING OF historical proportions around the world....... droughts then floods everywhere......massive snow storms......no more 4 seasons....only winter or summer........ice at poles melting rapidly....... and many more things......sink holes everywhere.......gas and water mains exploding....now Colorado has tap water that is contaiminated with nateural gas and a match will ignite.......COME ON PEOPLE.....GET YOUR FROUNT ROUND SEAT.....EMBRACE THE THE SHOW ABOUT TO GET UNDER WAY.
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Old 29-03-2009, 5:00 pm  
Senior Member
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[quote:Xenus 642724]
Hey look, they finally stated what charged particles can do when they're in our atmoshphere.
It is already established scientifically dna is influenced by the energy received by the cells. The skin of the cells has antenna's which receives energy which changes the dna/rna. Google Bruce Lipton, New Biology and Epigenetic control.

The New Biology- From Victim to Master of Your Health:

Bruce Lipton Interview - The Biology Of Belief - Part 1 of 6 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3jPEWeQ38k&hl=nl

That means, when our atmosphere receives new energies from whatever source there is an effect on the level of dna, the effects on the magnetosphere also reflect in our dna.

My theory is the new energies change reality altogether, it is all connected. Happenings, circumstances, attributes, emotions, beliefs, perception, accelerating changes, life, destiny, it is all influenced by the incoming energies,

Also these new whatever energies cannot be avoided. Every being gets hit by them. That is why it is important to clean the mind of old programming, of beliefs, of rules. Detox the mind and body and it gets easier to assimilate these new unavoidable energies.

thay đổi nội dung bởi: Darza, 31-03-2009 lúc 9:53 pm.
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Old 01-04-2009, 2:41 pm  
Senior Member
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Sweet dreams are made of geomagnetic activity

* 00:01 01 April 2009 by Ewen Callaway
* For similar stories, visit the The Human Brain Topic Guide

Looking for an explanation for recurring nightmares of leaving the house without your trousers on or losing your teeth? New research suggests you can blame the Earth's magnetic field, rather than a repressed childhood.

Darren Lipnicki, a psychologist formerly at the Center for Space Medicine in Berlin, Germany, found a correlation between the bizarreness of his dreams, recorded over eight years, and extremes in local geomagnetic activity.

Other studies have tied low geomagnetic activity to increases in the production of the melatonin, a potent hormone that helps set the body's circadian clock. So, based on anecdotal evidence that melatonin supplements used as a sleeping aid can cause off-kilter dreams, Lipnicki wondered whether local magnetic fields could induce the same effects.

Bizarreness barometer
Between 1990 and 1997, he kept meticulous records of his nightly reveries, amassing a total 2387 written accounts during his teenage years. "I always wanted to do science with them," he says.

For the study, he devised a five-point scoring system to rate the bizarreness of these dreams. On the low end are dreams completely representative of reality – "I am sitting at a table doing some maths or physics homework," for instance.

Dreams that scored a three could happen, but seemed unlikely. For example: "A friend is in the backyard of my house, building a wooden platform atop of 7-foot high stilts."

The most bizarre dreams that Lipnicki recorded had little or no connection with reality: "I was stranded on a foreign coastline with a monkey that spoke English and a woman that suddenly became small, almost doll-sized. Then I was at home."

Dream result
Lipnicki looked up daily geomagnetic activity in Perth, Australia – his home at the time. A scale called the k-index quantifies local geomagnetic activity, and he included only days that scored on the extremes of this index. This whittled his dream log down to 66 days of low geomagnetic activity and 70 days of high activity.

Using these figures, Lipnicki uncovered a statistical correlation between dream bizarreness and geomagnetic activity, with freakier dreams occurring on days with the least geomagnetic activity.

Of course, this correlation doesn't prove that the Earth's magnetic activity determines whether we dream of a mundane day at the park or something more like an LSD trip. But a larger and better controlled study may be worth pursuing, Lipnicki says. "At this stage, it's just putting the idea out there."

Journal reference: Medical Hypotheses (DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2009.01.047)

An association between geomagnetic activity and dream bizarreness

Copyright © 2009 Elsevier Ltd All rights reserved.
Darren M. Lipnicki
Center for Space Medicine Berlin, Zentrum für Weltraummedizin Berlin, Arnimallee 22, 14195 Berlin, Germany
Received 22 January 2009; accepted 26 January 2009. Available online 19 March 2009.


Daily disturbances of the earth’s magnetic field produce variations in geomagnetic activity (GMA) that are reportedly associated with widespread effects on human health and behaviour. Some of these effects could be mediated by an established influence of GMA on the secretion of melatonin. There is evidence from unrelated research that melatonin influences dream bizarreness, and it is hypothesised here that there is an association between GMA and dream bizarreness. Also reported is a preliminary test of this hypothesis, a case study in which the dreams recorded over 6.5 years by a young adult male were analysed. Reports of dreams from the second of two consecutive days of either low or high GMA (K index sum less-than-or-equals, slant6 or greater-or-equal, slanted28) were self-rated for bizarreness on a 1–5 scale. Dreams from low GMA periods (n = 69, median bizarreness = 4) were found to be significantly more bizarre than dreams from high GMA periods (n = 85, median bizarreness = 3; p = 0.006), supporting the hypothesised association between GMA and dream bizarreness. Studies with larger samples are needed to verify this association, and to determine the extent to which melatonin may be involved. Establishing that there is an association between GMA and dream bizarreness would have relevance for neurophysiological theories of dreaming, and for models of psychotic symptoms resembling bizarre dream events.
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Old 01-04-2009, 2:54 pm  
Senior Member
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Dream Esp And Geomagnetic Activity

The following is an abstract from a paper by M.A. Persinger and S. Krippner.

"The 24-hour periods in which the most accurate telepathic dreams occurred during the Maimonides studies displayed significantly quieter geomagnetic activity than the days before or after. This statistically significant V-shaped temporal sequence in geomagnetic activity was not evident for those periods when less accurate dreams occurred. When geomagnetic activity around the time of the strongest experimental telepathic dreams was compared to the geomagnetic activity around the time of spontaneous telepathic dreams from the Gurney, Myers and Podmore (1886) collection, very similar (statistically undistinguishable) temporal patterns were observed. Analyses of both experimental and spontaneous telepathic experiences indicated that they were more accurate (or more likely to have occurred) during 24hour intervals when the daily average antipodal (aa) index was approximately 10 ñ 3 gammas. When the daily aa index exceeded amplitudes of approximately 20-25 gammas, telepathic experiences became less probable."

(Persinger, Michael A., and Krippner, Stanley; "Dream ESP Experiments and Geomagnetic Activity," American Society for Psychical Research, Journal, 83:101 1989.)

Comment. It must be added here that mainstream science does not (yet) admit that telepathy exists as a legitimate scientific phenomenon. Nevertheless, there is an immense literature on telepathy and related parapsychological subjects. Once again we have a "shadow science," with its own journals, conferences, and research institutions - all outside the fold of mainstream science.

From Science Frontiers #64, JUL-AUG 1989. © 1989-2000 William R. Corliss
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Old 01-04-2009, 3:02 pm  
Senior Member
Darza's Avatar

Relationship between isolated sleep paralysis and geomagnetic influences: a case study.

Percept Mot Skills 1995;80(3 Pt 2):1263-73
Everett Community College, Social Sciences Department, Everett, WA 98201, USA

This preliminary report, of a longitudinal study, looks at the relationship between geomagnetic activity and the incidence of isolated sleep paralysis over a 23.5-mo. period. The author, who has frequently and for the last 24 years experienced isolated sleep paralysis was the subject. In addition, incidence of lucid dreaming, vivid dreams, and total dream frequency were looked at with respect to geomagnetic activity. The data were in the form of dream-recall frequency recorded in a diary. These frequency data were correlated with geomagnetic activity k-index values obtained from two observatories. A significant correlation was obtained between periods of local geomagnetic activity and the incidence of isolated sleep paralysis. Specifically, periods of relatively quiet geomagnetic activity were significantly associated with an increased incidence of episodes.


Isolated sleep paralysis, vivid dreams and geomagnetic influences: II.

Percept Mot Skills 1997;85(2):579-84.

This report describes a test of the hypothesis that significant changes in the ambient geomagnetic field are associated with altered normal nighttime dream patterns. Specifically, it was predicted that there would be a greater incidence of isolated sleep, paralysis or vivid dreams with abrupt rises and falls of geomagnetic activity. The author's (JC) and a second subject's (KC) daily reports of dream-recall were analyzed in the context of daily fluctuations of geomagnetic activity (K indices). Two analyses of variance indicated (i) significantly higher geomagnetic activity three days before a recorded isolated sleep paralysis event and (ii) significantly lower geomagnetic activity three days before an unusually vivid dream took place. Conversely, geomagnetic activity did not fluctuate significantly for randomly selected days. Testing a large sample over time is required for confirmation and extension of this work.
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