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Kundalini: A path to Silence
Old 28-02-2008, 9:16 pm  
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Default Kundalini: A path to Silence
At the mention of the Serpent’s Fire or Chakra 1, at least 2 things would occur in our minds: its incredible potential power and its danger. Historically, many had succeeded in the raising and making good use of this unique power, but there were also many who had suffered difficulties with it. Since most of the members in these forums are UE practitioners, I shall try to express my ideas within the UE perspectives.

As our forum member ThuanThien has already given sufficient general information on the subject, please permit me to proceed directly into details. Besides the worries of its danger, many UE practitioners often wondered aloud whether or not it is even necessary to open Chakra 1 at all. The answer to this question can be quoted from the Vietnamese copy of the UE training material of Level 3 Theory written by our Master Dang:

…Those who are MEDITATORS do not stop at those (paranormal) abilities, as CULTIVATORS do want to achieve COMPLETE ENLIGHTENMENT via MEDITATION, they direct the power of the Serpent’s Fire toward the highest Chakra which is Chakra 7 (Sahasrara) which is the center of spirit and merge with it, thereby the CULTIVATORS reach the final achievement of MEDITATION called SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS.
Most UE practitioners mistakenly believe that once their 6 chakras are open, all the “chi” channels within the body must have been cleared too. Chakras have more than one levels; Master only opened the energy level that enables us to harness universal energy for healing a number of illnesses, transforming certain spiritual and karmic energies in the practitioners as well as in those who have karmic relations with them. There is a level of Chakra which deals with the “chi” channels that few UE practitioners have been opened. At the mention of this “chi”, one would have thought it to be a type of coarser or grosser than universal energies, but in actuality, this “chi” has its own secrets. Chinese Chi Kung calls it “negative chi”. Master Dang has also mentioned it in the Level 3 training material, page 15 as follows:

…The Serpent Fire brings about the primal body’s strength, if practiced until it reaches Chakra 7, the fires will cause the Spirit to burst into a flame, enabling it to become of greater Clarity…
…How do we begin to practice this Chakra? We must be extremely patient in our practice by cleansing the negative chi out of our bodies, making it light and self-clearing, self-opening all the meridians and chi channels. Only then that we no longer have to worry about the danger of the Serpent Fire’s rising and its destructive ways that might slow down our CULTIVATION, on the contrary, it will be under our control.”
Master Dang had revealed a few mysteries of the Serpent Fire through such concepts as “cleansing negative chi”, the “self-clearing, self-unblocking” actions of the Serpent Fire processes but he didn’t tell us what the methods might be. Thank to my good fortune in relation with the Master, the UE and Kundalini yoga disciplines, I would like to share with you my own experiences and learning in order to try to clarify the above concepts.

The term “negative chi” is usually understood as wastes formed in the body from physical materials such as food, drinks, poisons, etc. Few of us knew that:

* Our thoughts, emotions, and actions form a lot more “negative chi” than foods do.

* Negative chi also contains karmic consciousness from numerous past lives.
In principle, after 100% chakra opening, we are not supposed to be possessed by any spirit. Then why do we still witness a number of UE practitioners in states similar to “false mental illness”? Or after higher UE training levels when we should achieve wisdom and enlightenment, but how come most of us, the not so completely enlightened practitioners, are still unable to be in control of our minds, unable to find inner peace, not having perfect insights and wisdom? I mean we are still being under the influences of our desires, anger, ignorance, joy, sadness, love and hates which are operating through our thoughts, our emotions and actions?

Granted that we may be safe from possession after 100% Chakra opening, but the stuff that we carry with us from countless past lives; those energies of good, bad, “karmic debts” that had solidified into a being called “self”, surely had not been transformed or cleansed. This type of bad chi is embedded deep in our consciousness and cannot be “sent” away as conveniently as we could with some wandering souls. These negative energies can hinder us in our path to enlightenment, wisdom or what our Master called “super-consciousness.” The Serpent Fire’s energy is that which has the abilities to help transform and purify that type of karmic energies. UE has been preparing us for this extremely important step. It has been cleansing and transforming our bodies and minds substantially. In addition, Master Dang also taught us to send energy to our cell’s spirits, helping them to turn spiritual. Meaning Master has been helping to prepare us for the coming neutralization of the karmic energies within us.

Why didn’t Master Dang say he will neutralize them for us or say that “the practitioners can clear the chi channels” but instead said that our bodies will “self-clearing, self-opening all the meridians and chi channels”?

Once you are revealed the procedural secrets, you will understand why: Only if we adhere to the laws of nature shall the rise of the Serpent Fire be not dangerous, but if we use any intentional stimulus, possible danger can be expected. In other words, its normal process must take place in the following order:

(1) Firstly, the body must self-start its process of expelling whole-body bad chi’s out through skin pores and Chakra 7. This is also a way of preparing for the body the optimum ability of heat exchanging when called for.

(2) Afterwards, the body must self-cleanse, unblock, join together the front and back meridians, and then connect the channel with Chakra 7.

(3) The next step necessary for the Serpent Fire to self-waken and crawl upward to the top of the head is: the body-mind of the practitioner must achieve a certain level of “Samadhi”. A single thought arises, or if attention is slightly focused on its movement, the Serpent Fire will halt and refuse to continue “crawling” upward.

The main point here is the body self-activates in a natural way, never controlled by the practitioner. This is the ultimate condition required in the practice of the Serpent Fire (Chakra 1). In other words, if we use our will or any other means to force the Serpent Fire to rise without first clearing its path, the high heat of the Fire can get stuck in places, leading to inevitable harms. Thus it’s only safe if and when we could provide adequate and appropriate conditions for the body to self-start the required processes. This is the secret of Kundalini safety. The secret of how to cause the body to “self-activate” appropriately is even more unique and contrary to most traditional thinking. Normally, when we try to achieve something as incredible as Kundalini, we would habitually think that we must perform some difficult and complex practices. What Kundalini requires is actually something very simple: it requires an absolute Stillness of the mind (Silence). Meaning within us, there can’t be an expectation, an idea, or any stirring. Our heart is not “doing” anything, including trying or attempt to assist the Kundalini movement.

UE in effect had taught us that beginning Silence through meditation which would eventually lead to that required Stillness and Chakra 1 opening. That is the very first meditation method as we enter UE training. (See article Secret of UE meditation). In addition, on page 7 of the Vietnamese Level 3 training material, Master Dang had written:

THE POWER OF SELF-CONTROL: If we want to have a good psychological state of being, to always have readily a full energy source, we must practice controlling our thoughts. Try to sit still, eye closed, try to keep from thinking any thoughts, we will find it very difficult, as the thoughts relentlessly run wild, which is said “Mind (is active) like a monkey, will (thought) is (galloping) like horses” in describing the wildly active status of our thoughts.
All great human beings were those who had the high level of control (of their mind), thus they could achieve things that normal people could not.
Enlightenment comes before Liberation. So what must we become enlightened of? It is the understanding of what has been controlling us. Once we recognize those controlling karmic, mental energies within us, and learn how to neutralize them, then we are on our way to total Liberation. When Buddha spoke of “total liberation”, He meant our being liberated from the effect of our own karmic energies or “memory bank”. (as Master Dang called the power of Self-Control above.) These karmic energies are the very forces that have kept most of us in the birth cycles. Thank to the Serpent Fire Kundalini path, we will have the ability to reach that liberation right within this life time.

Regarding this subject of discussion of Kundalini, I won’t just base on what are available in books alone but I will share with you all the experiences of my own and a few hundreds of other practitioners/friends who had successfully practiced this discipline. I firmly believe that there is a definite and extremely close relationship between UE and Kundalini yoga.

This article is meant for your information only. Please do not attempt to practice anything. I will, step by step, present all the information in this forum that will be usable to you. I shall pause now and will try to write more details in the future articles.
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admin (29-02-2008), healingnow4u (01-03-2008), lotus (29-02-2008), tumel (22-03-2008)
Old 29-02-2008, 6:11 am  
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Default Terminology
Thanks to dear NATO, part of this post was saved:

Kundalini is Tantric term for the hidden power positioned in the CAUSAL (or KARMIC body- Vijnanamaya Kosha)) that is more subtle than the chakra system and ENERGETIC BODY (Pranamaya Kosha). So Kundalini is hidden within C1 like nuclear energy in uranium but it is not necessarily that activation of C1 will unleash Kundalini. Cultivation of C1 is just a precondition, along with cleansing of the channels, preparation of the physical body and cultivating the mind. Then Kundalini could rise and help the practitioner to advance in his spiritual journey.

The heat that is felt is just a byproduct of merging of two antagonist energies prana vayu (electric charge) and apana vayu (magnetic charge). they do meet each other on C3 on natural way, producing heat heeded to body metabolism.

Practicing with C1 without guidance could produce temperatures over the body tolerance and damage vital tissues of the nervous and gland systems but this heat is not Kundalini Shakti.

Kundalini Shakti is not an infra-red energy that iis usual event when two charges will meet each other (remember the return of energy from Basic level to all other levels: when heat felt - stop the transfer.) but compressed mental energy from all previous incarnations.

It rises naturally only when the being is in mortal danger or in the moments of death when leaves the root chakra collecting all the data from the current life of the body/chakras respectively.

* * *
Love & Light

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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến vladimir vì bài post hữu ích này:
admin (29-02-2008), lotus (29-02-2008), NATO (27-03-2008), tumel (22-03-2008)
Certain basic principles of Kundalini
Old 27-03-2008, 8:36 pm  
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Post Certain basic principles of Kundalini
Before discussing the practicing part, we probably need to understand a bit more about the principles of Chakra 1 and Kundalini.

Most of what we have heard about the "experiences" of Kundalini and Chakra 1 is true. For example: ecstasy, awakened awareness, inner peace, paranormal abilities, pain, tension, discomfort, wisdom, enlightenment, mental derangement or possession, etc. But those characteristics are all relative. They are only natural phenomena at different levels for each individual. Most of them are signs or markers, not the ultimate objective of a spiritual path. Therefore, we first need to re-consider what our ultimate objective of our spiritual cultivation is, if any. Personally, I cultivate for … fun, as there seems to be not much else more fun, thus, “enlightenment experiences” and obstacles are just part of the fun. In summary, if one adheres to the instruction closely and correctly, potential harm and danger can be easily avoided. Actually, we can also observe most of the above phenomena in all cultivation paths, as long as we practice the methods correctly.

In any cultivation discipline, if practiced correctly, activation of Chakra 1 will eventually happen automatically. One example, in the Pure Land (Tinh Do) cultivation which begins with the “single thought” method (focusing only on “one thing”, i.e. in most cases: reciting the phrase “Namo Amitabha”) and advancing to ultimately “no-thought arising”. On this practice, Buddha also added a very important condition: this practice is guaranteed to take us to the Pure Land realm of Buddha Amitabha, if and only if we can chant the given phrase for 7 days without another thought rising. So, without the understanding this important key of Silence, we can practice the Amitabha chanting all our lives and we won’t achieve much anyway.

Another example: I have an American friend who cultivates in one of the Tibetan Tantric traditions. She had to prostrate 500 times each day for a total of 200.000 times. With hands locked in mudras, mind focusing on a Divine image, mouth reciting tantra, her body rising and lowering in prostration from the standing position to stretching flat on the floor … all in unison. At the time, I couldn’t help wondering why cultivation had to be so hard. And neither did my friend know why. All she knew was that her master had told her to do so and said that many students had been able to reach successful spiritual experiences with this cultivation practice. So she practiced it diligently every day. Then when she had prostrated about 60.000 times, as all her senses temporarily obscured, her mind oblivious to her body and her surroundings, her being suddenly fell into an empty space of infinity and she experienced the ultimate union with the universe. Only then that she and I realized why the cultivation principle was created as such.

In the old days, when I was a level 5.1 practitioner, I had to perform distant healing for thousands of people on a daily basis. At the time, the healing formula of this level limited each healing list of the same particular disease to 50 patients, and for any list of disease that had less than 50, I would have to give separate treatment to each individual, by focusing on my own Chakras, one at a time. Because of this intense, prolonged and continuous use of Chakra 6, I often got so exhausted and had literally passed out many times. This, however, had somehow activated the body’s auto-cleansing system which produced an extraordinary heat that lasted for 4 months. My condition was both fragile and intense while paranormal abilities kept appearing left and right … At that time, neither did I understand what was really happening, nor could I remember when and how my body returned to normal. Nearly 10 years later, I kind of stumbled upon a way to open Chakra 1 safely and more easily. It was then that I understood thoroughly the intriguing principle of Silence. I also understood why Master Dang did not encourage his students to meditate longer than 30 minutes each session. Remember that no other meditation discipline tells students NOT to meditate more than 30 minutes, except for UE. All other disciplines emphasize that the longer meditation session the better. Why is UE’s meditation so short? Perhaps Master Dang knew of the key of silence; that is when our minds are totally blocked from thinking for more than 30 minutes, our bodies may automatically activate its “bad chi” cleansing system which is the very first step of Serpent’s Fire or Chakra 1 opening. At the time of such activation, if there is no close guidance available, the practitioners may very well encounter difficulties.

Here are some of the “personal experiences” noted and shared by our cultivating friends who had raised the Serpent’s Fire: inner peace and contentment in both body and mind, a number of illnesses clearly subsided or immediately disappeared, the unblocking and clearing of many chi’s paths, the bodies no longer accept stimulants, freer from attachments, deeper levels of Stillness, longer and quieter meditation sessions, expanded spiritual wisdom and more clarity in spirit, more compassionate, able to merge into other people to help them clear their chi’s paths, healing and helping the consciousness of the disembodied (karmic consciousness) to follow the Light, etc. However, I believe that we do find most of these same experiences more or less in other cultivation disciplines too, including UE. So why should we still cultivate to open Chakra 1?

In my opinion, and according to my friends from various cultivation disciplines all over the world, most of us have found (or eventually will find) ourselves in a particular situation called “plateau or ceiling”. It means that we can’t seem to advance further in our spiritual paths; neither our bodies nor minds would continue to improve or evolve. But as soon as our Chakra 1 opened, we found obvious profound transformation. To those who had the Third Eye capability, they recognized something extremely important: there are many souls being liberated as they left the bodies amidst the negative chi, escaping through the so-called “heaven’s gate” which is Chakra 7. How is this different from the condition of “false mental illness” in UE? These souls are not just wandering souls that usually possess
the bodies, but are also the old karmic consciousness of others’ as well as our own past lives. As our friend Vladimir wrote, these consciousnesses are kept deeply in our beings and in the Serpent Fire energy. They silently affect our desires, feelings, love and hate, urges, actions, thoughts, decisions, etc. They always pull us from incarnations to incarnations, permanently trap us inside these cycles. Have you ever paused and wondered where our thoughts and our feelings come from or what really influences them? The culprits are those karmic energies. We are victims and, vice versa: “they” are also victims, locked into the same block of karmic consciousness and can not get out of it. Compassion is our deeply rooted urge toward helping “them” to be liberated from this eternal binding. This is the deepest reason for us to seek the additional cultivation that may lead us to Chakra 1’s opening.

The Master’s “meditation in hot rice porridge” formula is one of the quick cultivation ways to open Chakra 1. Unfortunately, it is only for level-20 students. Many people do not have the means or even a chance to study UE, it is impossible for them to reach level 20. The Kundalini discipline that I have studied is for everyone; children, elderly and less educated people are still able to practice it. It takes most students from 3 to 10 days to gain the abilities to transform their own karmic energies, to merge into others’ being and help both the seen and unseen involved with ease. Both the UE students who later took up this Kundalini cultivation and those non-UE (Kundalini practitioners) who were taught UE afterwards did not seem to have any conflicting problem cultivation-wise. Thus, I believe that these two disciplines may have had the same origin or at least have a very close relationship with each other. (I had presented this method to our Master in details, before he taught the “meditation in hot rice porridge” formula.)

In the next articles, I will begin to introduce the actual practice of this Kundalini principle. Hope you will help with ideas and suggestions.

Translated by tumel from the Vietnamese forum’s posting: Kundalini (tiếp theo)
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thay đổi nội dung bởi: NATO, 28-03-2008 lúc 12:41 pm.
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admin (28-03-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (28-03-2008), lotus (11-04-2008)
Old 29-03-2008, 9:52 am  
Farkhad Fatkullin
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The concept of karmic consciousnesses and how they affect us reminded me of Masters phrase "Our freedom is to let others be free". From what you say I understand this principle should be applied not only to others humans, but even our thoughts, feelings, desires, consciousnesses... Could you or anyone else elaborate on that, shaing more of your experiences in this regard.
Thank you in advance,
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

Старейший русскоязычный веб-сайт о Мастере Данге и его учении / Oldest Russian-speaking website about Master Dang and his teachings
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Myriam (12-07-2009)
Old 13-05-2009, 4:34 pm  
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Dear NATO,
Thanks for your experience and explanation. But is it required to practice Kundalini yoga? Is it needed after Jesus's coming? Practising on C6 and C7 is not enough?

Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Dưới đây là người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến Subbaraman vì bài post hữu ích này:
Myriam (17-06-2009)
What Master Taught and Teach yet...
Old 17-06-2009, 6:07 am  
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Default What Master Taught and Teach yet...
Dear Friends,

On my part, just like to share my humble point of view on this special thread :

As all the methods and prelimanary advices of Our Dear Master gave us for learning and practising, I remember and keep, that C1 has not to be opened, if this was needed, Master would have teach it and transmit to us. Isn't there a sufficient thing to understand. Either we are confident with what he taught us, or are we like children wanting to play with matches to check if this can burn ? ... Master transmit all the techniques to make able us to practice for health and helping people, what can we gain for this purpose more... He used to tell respect the limits of your level, I teach you this for your safety, isn' enough clear... Cannot we accept that we are human beings with limits to our body, and rules to respect for doing correctly what we come for. Do you know some POWER, real POWER, more infinite, more illimited than ONE OF DIVINE LOVE....

I stop there, tell my inner voice to you,

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