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Old 31-12-2007, 4:31 am  
Senior Member

Dear friends,
It is very right that the truth we can rather know during meditation=union with the High Entities which are here to assist us. We can learn it from our own higher self or meta-consciousness or whatever name we can give to the highest aspect of the consciousness connected to our brain-mind. But enlightened we are actually since the very moment our chakras were opened. Since the moment we could connect again with the wide and vast range of combined frequencies, since the moment we could get access to the Grand Universal Library of all that is. The simple fact that we really understand, know for sure that everything is energy, that the flow of energy and the architecture of energy patterns can determine a reality or another for this 3D dimension of sensations, perceptions, emotions... it is enough already to get over the illusion of the prison, of limitations.
Some consider enlightenment to be the super state of super intelligence, wisdom and peace, the super state of being able to overcome any question or issue. But I think there is a Grace which is very much present around an enlightened person. A kind of Aura full of Grace and Peace and Love and Joy which is able to make any person near to forget about all questions, problems, limitations, rules... To suddenly FEEL free and joyful and full of love and to let the Soul SMILE through this physical body. This kind of Grace is changing all energy fields around, imprinting them with this information never to be forgotten, always to be searched for. This is how we feel when we meet in our meditations or other special states of consciousness with High Entities, isn't it?
Maybe it's like the flower in the morning feeling the first rays of light coming from the sun. Or maybe like the first embrace of two people in love with each other.

Master Dang told us long ago that we have traveled the whole path already, attained all experiences, marked all the main points of this sphere of consciousness maybe created for the incarnated in human bodies' spirits. Long before coming here again, we have done our homeworks and we have agreed to be sent here again for a special purpose: to help now in this era of change, the change of races-dimensions-whatever, the major change of the entire planet earth, and all what it means and contains, and the change of this universe. To prepare for the new human being, maybe the spirit-man, taking this huge step from the matter-man into a completely different paradigm.
So, whatever each individual could learn up till now is the most precious thing, and whatever can learn now from all seminars he/she went through, is even more precious. Decoding the real teachings, making them available for everyone I consider to be a wonderful, yet so very difficult task we all have. Along with the 2 years -one already passed - of having the ability and the right to open chakras for every person opened to this, we should really try our best to understand what is the real power of reality creation, what does it mean to be a silent soldier of God. The rest is the play of power and fame, money and Mara.
Unfortunately westerners completely forgot what it means to be in union with a guru, a real master which can transfer the whole dharma in a split of a second, beyond words, beyond mantras, beyond sutras... And not only westerners, but all people blinded by the veils of ignorance. So, Vladimir, you have been lucky to have been understood the secret of the sacred union. "Me and My Father are One". All 1540 prepared students to merge with the soul of Master should realize this treasure they contain. But then, what and how their body-ego-mind is using this, depends on their destiny.
From the ocean of consciousness a drop of water can be separated from the whole when a movement, a current, a wave is throwing it, "spitting" it, when a natural need arises.
There is a Beautiful Perfection of fulfilling any true, natural need. When we are not aware of that need, the need of the soul, we can end up in asking "why in the name of God do I need this?" The "I" might not need it, or might not understand it, but at the end of the day, the purpose behind such an experience will enlighten even the "I". The very stubborn "I" still asking questions.

Love and Joy,
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Dưới đây là 5 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến Daniela vì bài post hữu ích này:
Farkhad Fatkullin (31-12-2007), georgy (01-01-2008), lotus (31-12-2007), ponahlo (31-12-2007), vladimir (31-12-2007)
Old 31-12-2007, 11:23 am  
Farkhad Fatkullin
Super Moderator
Farkhad Fatkullin's Avatar

Dear friends,

I liked Daniela's point: We are alll enlightened since our Chakras are open 100%.

"Reasoning part of me" concludes that then all of us are already helping mankind, even if we don't understand how exactly this or that act can be helpful... We are fine the way we are. And so are others.

I don't have to try understanding somebody else's view, instead I should focus on this wonderful feeling of Grace.
Why bother trying to do something great? Wouldn't it be better for me to enjoy my own life and make little things that might be bring joy to those around me?

Sounds like this means everybody who attains this feeling of Grace (or Diksha, or whatever term can be used to describe it) is probably a master of something... So there we are?! "I will not leave one successor, there will be millions of Master Dangs". So I should not be concerned with the way Lady Theresa or any other instructor will teach. All of them are doing the right thing, even if they understand it differently.

Thank you Vladimir, thien thu 2, istvan, Daniela and everybody who contributed. I seem to have found something "reasonable", which is probably wrong (as everything in the world

Can you please help me with this now:
This state of Grace (and also the accompanying energy flow) is probably stronger if all of us are in a constant union of some sort.
So should we all try to invite more and more energy students to meditate at the time of energy transfers?
Or can we assume the physical time of meditation does not matter?
And also, if there is no single Master/Guru/UE instructor is better than all the rest, would it be right to assume that all of them can probably bring something valuable into each others life?
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

Старейший русскоязычный веб-сайт о Мастере Данге и его учении / Oldest Russian-speaking website about Master Dang and his teachings

thay đổi nội dung bởi: Farkhad Fatkullin, 31-12-2007 lúc 11:50 am.
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến Farkhad Fatkullin vì bài post hữu ích này:
Daniela (31-12-2007), georgy (01-01-2008), lotus (31-12-2007), vladimir (31-12-2007)
Old 31-12-2007, 3:43 pm  
Super Moderator
lotus's Avatar

Dear Daniela, Dear all,

Even if I don't share all your views, dear Daniela, your approach to true meditation is a treat to read! Thank you.

Together with my best wishes for 2008, I would just remind you of the excellent description of meditation made by NATO, and which you can find in these forums. ("Meditations")

Happy New Year!
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Dưới đây là 2 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến lotus vì bài post hữu ích này:
Daniela (31-12-2007), Farkhad Fatkullin (31-12-2007)
Old 31-12-2007, 5:11 pm  
Senior Member

Dear Farhad,
I do think that each life is valuable and we can always learn from anyone.
I do also think that what we can place under a word or mental thought, is already something limited, restricted by our own intellectual capacity, by our tradition, by the system we live in and from which we've learned how to think and live.
I do think time is an arbitrary physical measure for our brains and physical bodies. But when we think of some other soul, there is no time anymore. When we transfer energy it is an instant process, and even the few seconds we use are for our own focus, and not for the information transfer itself.
But see, I THINK these things.
When I LIVE the wisdom available "out there", the mind is empty and there are no thoughts, unless there is a need, a call from around. It also seems there is no separation between the physical body and the Whole Energy Field around. Sometimes, of course! Cause we have to give up much of the high frequencies in order to still move and act and talk into this "reality" we live in. And this is how from time to time we let ourselves being fooled again, trapped into the illusion of "thinking" about enlightenment, or "thinking" about things. When the flow has no restriction, when we literally are in connection, in union with God and we really are instruments of God, then, there might be less thinking and more loving. Sharing, giving. Spreading all around, with no mental choice: here I give this, here I give that. The sun is constantly emitting the light we need to live this way. If the sun stops emitting light, we don't know how human life could become.
Haven't you experienced talking to a person about UE and speaking out words you never consciously thought of, and seeing on that person's face a smile of comprehension? We speak their "language", the way that mind could understand, but not because we "know" in our mind how that person is trained, but because we communicate with the soul of that person and because this communication passes through the realm of high freqs. we might say God is speaking through us.

I had this memory since childhood, when I was seeing how the old system of lamps tv-set was working. When turned off, the whole screen would restrain the light into one single and centered dot. And this is how I felt about the end of maya, the end of illusion. One day all souls will become Light and then, the program of suffering will be needed no more.

There is always a need for a guru as long as there are still souls unable to know how to bring Light into a human body, or unable to gather so much light for themselves in order to exit from the orbit of samsara. If you don't need a guru anymore, it means that you have found the guru in yourself. You have found God in yourself and you can let God shine and act in this reality.

I also don't think about things as wrong or right, but useful or not useful. Yet, I've realized there is no such thing as not useful, because there is no negative principle out of this perceptual, reflex-oriented mind. Over this mind, beyond this mind there are different laws born for different realities, different fields of combined energies.

We struggle to understand with our mind more than we struggle to love and be compassionate and really act like top graduated students. This is the trap indeed, and I've suffered very much about this. I am not talking about a fairy Grace, or a state of devotional love only. But of the Grace beyond the limited mind which is trained to judge, select, appreciate, sort, separate, according to categories learned since the first day of life. The whole process of learning for human beings is based on imitation and reflex.

I don't know if my reply to you is of any help, but I wish you to find what you need and arrive there where you need to be.

Love and Joy,
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Dưới đây là 7 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến Daniela vì bài post hữu ích này:
an_li1 (22-01-2009), Farkhad Fatkullin (31-12-2007), georgy (01-01-2008), lotus (31-12-2007), lxthuy (03-03-2008), themis (15-06-2008), vladimir (31-12-2007)
Old 31-12-2007, 7:29 pm  
Farkhad Fatkullin
Super Moderator
Farkhad Fatkullin's Avatar

So not thinking is about finding God/ guru/master in ourselves...
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

Старейший русскоязычный веб-сайт о Мастере Данге и его учении / Oldest Russian-speaking website about Master Dang and his teachings
Trả Lời Với Trích Dẫn
Old 31-12-2007, 9:22 pm  
Super Moderator
lotus's Avatar

Dear Daniela,

You will make me change my point of view about spirituality in UE!
You join what I call "timeless spaceless meditation". Thank you!

Dear Fahrad,
You do not "decide" not to decide, because that "decision" makes your mind busy - - - Instead, I have used the white screen for months, before going "through" the white screen, into the blank behind - - - but do not think while crossing it - - just cross it - - - a bit of training should do! :-)
Read NATO's description of UE meditation
L & L

thay đổi nội dung bởi: lotus, 31-12-2007 lúc 9:30 pm.
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Dưới đây là 3 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến lotus vì bài post hữu ích này:
Daniela (01-01-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (02-01-2008), vladimir (31-12-2007)
Old 01-01-2008, 12:15 am  
glenn's Avatar

I do not know about enlightenment for my soul or wisdom for my body they are the same to me but my body will not last. I have often contemplated what was my purpose to come into this realm? It is my feeling that I existed before I came into this realm and that I will exist after I leave this realm. Because of that feeling I have wondered about what did I have before I came into this realm and what will I have when I leave it? There is only my soul but did my soul bring anything into this realm and will it take anything with it when it leaves? At this precise moment it is my feeling that I brought my capacity to love when I came into this realm and I will leave with my capacity to love. It may increase or diminish according to how I interact with this realm while I am here.

I wish to share an experience I had.

Once there was a person that I presumed was suffering because they were always upset and angry when I was around that person. I tried every technique that I had learned from Master Dang to send them energy, to talk to this person and to be kind to that person, nothing seemed to help. When I had some time alone I meditated and after I was in a medatative state I asked how come I cannot bring much love to this person who was also a MEL student? I recieved the answer that, "You need to love this person more." I replied that I don't know how to love this person more because I have used every technique that I have learned from the Master. Then I heard "You need to open the door and let the souls who are waiting to help evrybody come through you only have your own limited capacity but if they come to help you then you have more capacity to love." After that everytime I met with that person I simply opened the door so that person could have the benefit of more love. I noticed a significant change in that person.

At this time I am more aware that the Supreme Being, the Universal Energy loves me 100 percent! It is my greatest wish to be a person who can recieve and give back this love!

glenn B

PS: We will be meditating at Midnight St. Louis time if you wish to join us.
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Dưới đây là 6 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến glenn vì bài post hữu ích này:
Daniela (01-01-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (02-01-2008), lotus (02-01-2008), lxthuy (03-03-2008), MirgorodskyDA (11-01-2008), vladimir (01-01-2008)
Old 01-01-2008, 9:31 am  
thien thu 2
Senior Member

Dear UE comrades!

First I have to state that I believe totally in Master Dang who taught us what he had learned from "High Beings" (the Vietnamese word "ThuongThien" which literally means GOD- as I understand it) . I also have no doubt about Master Dang's teachings. The only "problem" with me is that I cannot get a clear cut understanding of what Master had said ( perhaps due to my spiritual level).
In previous case I would have asked Master Dang when I had a chance to attend the subsequent seminar. Now that Master has left this planet I have no more chance to ask him except ...in "the outer space" ! There again I have MY problem : in cosmic dimension ( the outer space, as I undestand it) souls can communicate in terms of "thoughts" thru synchronizing the myriad frequencies ( as in our physical realm , 3-dimension world , various VHF/UHF with differents MHZ....) or else souls have to use...cosmic language (?).
Datamel has got a better luck to communicate with Master Dang's soul and clearly interpreted Master's explanation on WHY he had left us : I sincerely appreciated Datamel's post ( which can partly keep me "calm down" in the current situation the OUR School ).
I still have a question : I sincerely wish to get explanation(s) from some of the 1541 level 20 students who had received souls from the first to the fourth human races : Do you ...fully trust that those souls who had been ( as explained by Master Dang in seminar 20) "called back" by God because they still had yet to learn the lessons " power struggle -thirst- and selfishness ! Those souls had to learn that same lesson for themselves and in the meantine time help us to progress spiritually ( to abandon this thist !)
And one more problem :what happens to "our soul" , a mini light detached from the Great Light , who has come , thru uncountable number of lives so far , to this physical realm to learn how to progress in th Spiritual Path ? Discard it? A ....joke to clarify my point here : how can you let a "stranger" to come to possess our house, even with a goodwill to help you, and you have to ...go out somewhere ?! The way I understand when Master Dang said we have a new soul at each class level just means ( to me) that he assigns a newly enhanced LAW BODY ( an omnipresent Soul of the Master) who will respond whenever we "call" him ! No NEW soul to come and change our soul that is !

Master ! after launching this post I will keep on contacting you in meditation to correct/guide my thoughts and wish to receive some clarifications from my UE- mates.

In particular : expecting a few words from NATO, Vladimir, Lotus ,Vo Danh , Myriam and all friends'nicks with the prefix/suffix "mel".

Please accept and read this post as a Happy New Year Greeting to all of you folks

Thien thu

thay đổi nội dung bởi: thien thu 2, 01-01-2008 lúc 9:41 am.
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Dưới đây là 5 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến thien thu 2 vì bài post hữu ích này:
an_li1 (22-01-2009), Daniela (01-01-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (02-01-2008), lotus (01-01-2008), vladimir (01-01-2008)
Old 01-01-2008, 4:09 pm  
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vladimir's Avatar

Default Soul-God
Hello Thien Thu,

Wishing You joyful New Year, I will try to describe my understanding of Master's teaching on this issue.
In Spirituality, there are basically two concepts of explaining the metaphysical reality: exoteric - meaning that the aspirant has the standing (viewing) point of separate "entity" or soul and God as a concept of omnipresent reality that is observed by the aspirant. Or simply, as you described ..."a mini light detached from the Great Light"..... The other concept is esoteric, i.e., exploring the reality always in unity, from within, never separated as particular "being".
Master taught both concepts in order to bring the TRUTH closer to millions of students. The first concept is easier to grasp and is close to the "western" spiritual/religious tradition as well as to Hindu and other authoritative religious concepts. The esoteric concept is closer to the Buddhist tradition, as Buddhism per se is a doctrine that leads the spiritual aspirant towards her/his own effort of realizing the truth, practicing the 8. step of the Buddha's Path - Meditation. Only through direct experience in meditation, the Reality could be felt/seen and the doctrine confirmed as the true one. The paradox: Religion without God and Psychology without Ego clearly reflects the notion of this doctrine.
So, back to the "new souls" issue, if you look on this through the first concept, then the new "soul" is replacing the old in the same vehicle (physical body).It happens not only on the Level 20, but on every seminar the "diksha" is performed.
The second concept is harder to understand unless practiced so through this concept, the "awake consciousness" of the human, which interact with Reality through the body senses, meaning very limited range of perception, is in the illusion of "being separate entity". After every diksha, the ability and the capacity of that awake consciousness is on higher vibrational level, interacting with Reality including the sixth sense, C6, with unlimited range of perception and cognition. Practicing meditation is practicing esoteric view, using the C6 to explore the Reality and slowly evaporate the illusion of separation from the All that IS. When this evaporation is completed, THE LIGHT OF DIRECT, EMPIRICAL KNOWLEDGE is upon the aspirant. Hers/His perception of unity is direct, felt on the emotional screen as LOVE, caused by no reason, just simply being in the true state.
From scientific point of view, the electrical part of UE (masculine aspect) is merely seen as LIGHT while the magnetic part of UE (feminine aspect) is felt as LOVE. They are never separated, always in Unity (of Yoga on Sanskrit) as the signs on MEL Logo (The Dragon and The Phoenix).

Let the Light shine until the end of Samsara, Long Hoa is coming...

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Dưới đây là 6 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến vladimir vì bài post hữu ích này:
Daniela (01-01-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (02-01-2008), georgy (02-01-2008), istvan (01-01-2008), lotus (03-01-2008), thien thu 2 (03-01-2008)
Old 03-01-2008, 8:53 am  
thien thu 2
Senior Member

Dear Vladimir,

My problem is ...partly "unlocked" by your convincing explanation on esoteric and exoteric approaches in our spiritual cultivation. I said "partly" because I have yet to ...meditate more (for my own sake) to reach the state of ... stillness that speaks! Don't blame me for my stuborn soul.
In one of the Vietnamese religions - the Caodaism -we had also spoken about schools of esoterism and exoterism where "Long Hoa Convention" had been mentioned .....

In the meantime shall we ...close our eyes ( to stay calm in the current turmoil in our UE school ) and try to contact Master Dang's soul to help transform our physical body into energy cells for the astral journey ...???

Thien thu

thay đổi nội dung bởi: thien thu 2, 05-01-2008 lúc 9:34 am.
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Dưới đây là 2 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến thien thu 2 vì bài post hữu ích này:
lotus (03-01-2008), vladimir (03-01-2008)
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