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Old 05-10-2008, 4:08 pm  
Farkhad Fatkullin
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Default Water
Upon having done Level 6 in June of 2000 in Holland, we conducted experiments with water. Medical scientists in Dnepropetrovsk studied water properties from different sources using Kirlian photography method. We proposed them to include water treated with Universal Energy in their research as well. We arrived to their research facility, where they poured 2 test-tubes of water from the tap and suggested we transfer Energy to one of them. In 2-3 minutes they put both test-tubes into a holder one near the other and made 3 photographs with 15-20 seconds intervals. (I attach the scanned copy of the photograph to this email, the original is accessible if needed).

When the film was developed and they made the following comments:
1) Water treated with Universal Energy has unique properties:
- It has unique properties of its glow compared to other samples of water, even ones gathered from saint sources, in days and times of great saint (spiritual) significance, in days/nights of full moon etc., i.e., researchers did not encounter such water before; it is capable to influence “energetic informational” properties of other samples of water that are located in proximity thereof;
- Over time, CO2 contained therein decomposes liberating carbon, water becoming saturated with oxygen – “water ozonation” – how and why this happens is very interesting, though cannot be explained at this level of testing.

These were main points to which they drew attention. Now comments to the photo attached:
Test-tubes where placed at 6 cm from one another, being photographed together.
Test-tube at Pict.1a contains water that received Energy for 30 seconds.
Test-tube at Pict.1б (Cyrillic for B) – water that did not receive Energy.

Pictures 2a and 2б shows the situation 15-20 seconds later; Pictures 3a and 3б – another 15-20 seconds later.

Conclusion of the researchers:
Test-tube 1a initially had a dense energetic charge, the density of which was increasing during later observations (photographing).
In the beginning of the study, test-tube in 1б had a fracture in its glow in the direction of test-tube 1а. By the end of the study energetic charge of water in test-tube 1б practically reached the level of water, which received transfer of Energy.

We’ve conducted another study in the field of agriculture – transferring Energy on the fields for 3 years, from 2000 to 2003. We want to underline that Ukrainian fields are in the zone of risky crop farming.
Energy was transferred on winter and spring wheat, sunflower.
Conclusion – the yield almost doubled. For example – dry summer of 2002. Average yield of sunflower was 6-7 quintals (Russian quintal=50 kilos) from a hectare. The field to which we transferred Energy yielded 11-12 quintals from hectare. Seeds where planted at the same time, which excludes different influence of weather conditions. The fields are nearby.
We didn’t have a chance to study difference in levels of lubricity for sunflower or amounts of gluten for cereals, as such studies are very expensive, and the farmer on whose fields this was conducted couldn’t afford it. There were observations which we believe require more detailed research.

First, keeping in mind that water is a wonderful medium for storing information, as well as for development of microorganisms which are necessary for soil, transferring Energy to fields that are not occupied by the crops allows for faster preparation of soils for implantation in the following year.

Second, derivative from the first – transferring energy can be used for regeneration of soils after it was influenced by chemical fertilizers. This is very important all throughout post-Soviet countries, where chemical and mineral fertilizers were widely used in large and even uncontrolled quantities, leading to significant changes in composition of soils.

We can also describe the results crop-by-crop, as well as all observations related to soils, if such information would be of help to other students in their research.
Best regards and Love from Dnepropetrovsk,
Olya and Oleg
Hình Ðính Kèm
Click image for larger version

Name:	Kirlian-water.jpg
Views:	556
Size:	21,7 KB
ID:	403  
My spirituality: I'm a son and a father, great-...-son and great-...-father; made of body and soul, atoms and God?... Are you destined to life-long UE learning?

Моя духовность: Я есть сын и отец, пра-....-внук и пра-...-дед; состоящий из тела и души, атомов и Бога? Век живи, век учись... понимание УЭ безгранично

Старейший русскоязычный веб-сайт о Мастере Данге и его учении / Oldest Russian-speaking website about Master Dang and his teachings
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13cdmitriy (11-10-2008), georgy (05-10-2008), lotus (06-10-2008), lotus (06-10-2008), oleg-dnepr (06-10-2008), thien thu 2 (09-10-2008)
Old 08-10-2008, 2:50 pm  
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Chemical composition of water in the study

I – UE treated water (tap water)
II – water from a nearby source
III – water to be treated (tap water without UE transfer)

Analysis data I II III
pH 6.5 7.1 7.0
Nitrites 0.01 0.02 0.011
Nitrates 4.0 4.0 Traces
Ammonia (hydrogen nitrade) 0.92 0.85 0.8
Iron 0.2 0.13 0.13
Nickel No No No
Chrome No No No
Chlorides 25.95 25.52 26.8
Sulphates 50.2 39.1 72.4
Dry residue 252.0 253.0 262.0
Phosphates 0.08 0.13 0.17
Suspended matter Min Min Min
October 2000

Recommended follow-up: to conduct analysis to measure water hardness, alkalinity, calcium and zinc, presence of singlet oxygen.

Chemical content of water changed significantly following treatment. Presence of sulphates decreased by the factor of 2, рН level changed as well. It might be assumed that decomposition of carbonate alkalinity leads to release of carbon dioxide leading to appearance of pure water.

Picture of original Russian document:
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến translator vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (11-10-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (11-10-2008), lotus (08-10-2008), thien thu 2 (09-10-2008)
Old 09-10-2008, 9:17 am  
thien thu 2
Senior Member

Dear Farkhad,

Could you kindly update analyses like those above for 3 similar kinds of water, including BOD, COD, calcium and magnesium hardness etc...

That would help better understanding why UE transferred water is better in agricultural practice than water in normal conditions ( which is also constantly received the sun's energy, a UE by definition)

Thanks in advance.

Thien thu
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến thien thu 2 vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (11-10-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (11-10-2008), lotus (09-10-2008), translator (09-10-2008)
Old 09-10-2008, 4:54 pm  
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Reply from Ukraine:
Nguyên văn bởi oleg-dnepr View Post
Dear friends!
We have limited funds so we can’t organize those studies at the moment. But we would be happy to invite all students that can contribute by taking part in the research effort and share their results.

With kind regards,
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến translator vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (11-10-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (11-10-2008), lotus (09-10-2008), thien thu 2 (10-10-2008)
Old 09-10-2008, 10:37 pm  
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Dear friends,

I believe we can add to this thread also our empirical observations. I'm sure many of "played" with water, food or other elements. i certainly did. Besides official test results we could also share our own observations, our own ways of experimenting. Hopefully, by sharing all our ideas we will be able to obtain more laboratory results on different experiments.

1st: i have stored UE-salt-water since 2002. I keep the barrel on my balcony so it is exposed to all temperature changes. When it happens that i don't have running tap-water i use some of this water, as it is still fresh water to drink. I also noticed that during summer it's temperature does not rise to much.

2nd: i stored two bottles of tap-water for 1 month, to one I transferred energy (to this water I did not add salt, nor sugar. just plain water). After the 1 month I opened both bottles. The water to which I did not transfer energy had impurities deposited at the bottom of the bottle and had quite a bad smell, taste revealed undrinkable. The water in the bottle I transferred energy to was clear, fresh, without deposits and I could drink it.

"Opposite of life is not death, but indifference" Ellie Wiessel
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Dưới đây là 6 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến istvan vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (11-10-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (11-10-2008), georgy (10-10-2008), lotus (10-10-2008), thien thu 2 (10-10-2008), translator (10-10-2008)
Old 10-10-2008, 2:40 pm  
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minimally edited google-translation of the post in the Russian forum (I decided to experiment with google-translation engine built into the forum, my comments are in [])

some of original:
Nguyên văn bởi Farkhad Fatkullin View Post
Перепечатка из газеты "Умма" - http://umma.tatarlar.ru/
№ 7, октябрь 2008 г.

Вода священна

Некоторые представители ислама, особенно придерживающиеся ортодоксального мнения, считают, что Коран это лишь инструкция жизни и решительно отвергают эзотерическую составляющую чудесной книги. Из- за невозможности объяснить некоторые чудеса, связанные с чтением Корана, всякие попытки осознать их считаются от лукавого. Но в тоже время в жизни встречаются много примеров, когда, например, заговоренная вода аятами, лечила и возвращала больных людей к нормальной, здоровой жизни. Кстати, эта практика подкреплена хадисами, в которых открыто говорится о рукье.

Reprints from the newspaper "Umma" - http://umma.tatarlar.ru/
Number 7, October 2008

Water is sacred

Some representatives of Islam, particularly the holding orthodox views, believe that the Koran is only the instruction of life and resolutely reject the esoteric component of a beautiful book. Because of the inability to explain some of the wonders associated with the reading of the Koran, any attempt to realize them [to rethink, discuss, analyse] are considered to be from evil. But at the same time in life are many examples where, for example, zagovorennaya water ayatami [water over which souras from Koran was recited], lechila [heals] and returns patients to normal, healthy life. Incidentally, this practice is backed by Hadith in which to speak openly about ruke.

Therefore, some Muslims practice treatment of evil eye and witchcraft [by using]water over him [which Koran was read]reading the Koran and quite successfully. As a matter of healing, vypivshemu this water? [Why a person who drinks such a water is being healed?]. [Let’s]Try not to touch the Koran energy, as well as talk[ing] about it in front of the eyes of believers may look sacrilegiously. Let's talk about water. Indeed, it is a conduit between the Koran and the treating, which reads over her ayaty [over which ayats were recited].

Water in Islam is being given a special place. This zhivitelnaya moisture [life-giving liquid], as you know, life for everything. Remember the water that Islam has declared holy - this spring Zamzam. The Prophet ([peace be upon him]) said about it: "The best water in the world, the Zamzam water. It is food for the hungry and medicine to the sick" (Tabarani).

Other sources reported that the angel Jibril (Gabriel) washed the heart of the Prophet (GMT) this holy water before the overnight journey.
Also, the Prophet (GMT) said: "Water Zamzama [is] (good) for what [ever ]it is not intended." Muhammad (s.a.v) was [keeping]a water Zamzama in the jar, watering her [his]patients and letting them drink it. (Al-Tirmizi, Al-Bayhaki).

Ibn al-Kayyim said: "I and others tried to use water Zamzama for treatment in different cases, astonishing, and I am cured, thanks to her from several diseases, healed with a let ¬ [grace]of Allah."

Ibn Abbas said that when the prophet drink Zamzam water, [he] said: "O Allah! Daruy [give]me with useful knowledge, abundant wealth, and recovery from any illness."

Now the water in terms of science.
Water is a liquid-crystal structure. In this structure can be imposed both positive and negative information. Negative information is more likely to come from natural beauty [non-living objects](geopathic zone), from chemical contamination or the person (negative emotion, anger, anger, aggression, unreasonable work).

Thus, water is able to "read" any information. Very strong powerful influence on it that can change the structure, is psychic and emotional state. Through this (psycho-emotional condition), people can influence the energoinformatsionnye [energy-information]field and the status of all living organisms. Through this both positive and negative impact. Remember how people tried to touch the water, while washing the prophet [him taking ablution prior to 5-times dayly praying]. And it is [was]not prohibited [by him]. Because the water contained a positive life-giving power of this blessed man.

This is because the foundation of any living and or non-living [objects/beings] is a source of energy, or radiation hronalnoe [chronal](vibration frequency wave resonance). All objects, and especially the people, as an object of wildlife [are] affected by their environment, through electromagnetic radiation (hronalnogo or resonant). The most powerful influence in the psycho-emotional state of Rights [a human]: joy, anger, etc. It concludes that "things are within your own consciousness. Water in turn feels our "resonance condition" and reacts to it.

Beautiful words are beautiful, clear vibrations. Instead, the negative words produce ugly, incoherent fluctuations, which do not form a group. Therefore, very cautiously and carefully made you want to treat says. Thus, reading the Koran positive energy ayatov reflected in the water and gives a positive impact.

These and similar experiments on the effects of psychic distance (people with strong energy) on the aquatic organisms carried out at a high academic level. And the experiments showed that investment in liquid program [programs we un/consciously place into water]can be as useful or harmful.

Water remembers even thought generated by passing an emotional mood. This can lead to information pollution. Therefore, never [should we wish to anyone] far from anything and anyone ill. All this you will return boomerang. Black thoughts create a black "magic", bright - bright "magic".

The same properties of natural water has charged "holy" (Prayer) water. This is scientific justification. Sound vibrations can correct the vibration of water body or water in the tank. The frequency acoustic oscillations any prayer of any confessions, delivered in any language, is equal to 8 Hz (Hertz), which corresponds to frequency electromagnetic field of the Earth. Therefore, prayer forms in water that is included with any products or simply in water (done in the cup) harmonic structure, through a special structuring of water clusters. In addition, structured in such a way water is still "charged", that is completely structured. Mixing a "holy" water, even with a ratio of [1 gram to] 60 liters of the South, makes the whole amount immediately charged in the same water. Triggered the effect of dilution. With very strong dilution, the memory of the water begins to influence stronger than in the small dilution. Thus, the sound of prayers delivered affects the water. Because water is important "photographic memory". Sound like the idea or intention zapechatleetsya [will be remembered by]water. For example, in the water after the removal of toxic compounds or alter its structural information that it has [leads to]a damaging effect on all living organisms.

The use of water have been read ayaty Koran with the aim of healing has a very scientific basis. And water, as claimed prophet is a great medicine, not only from physical ailments but also mental.
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến translator vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (11-10-2008), Farkhad Fatkullin (11-10-2008), georgy (25-10-2008), lotus (25-10-2008)
Old 10-10-2008, 3:52 pm  
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Here is a short video of Dr. Masaru Emoto's research on water:
"Opposite of life is not death, but indifference" Ellie Wiessel
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Dưới đây là 7 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến istvan vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (11-10-2008), farhad (04-01-2009), Farkhad Fatkullin (11-10-2008), georgy (10-10-2008), lotus (25-10-2008), thien thu 2 (11-10-2008), translator (10-10-2008)
Old 25-10-2008, 2:03 am  
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Dear friends,

I am sending you a link to a wonderful movie about water: its structure, its power, its memory, its direct influence on all life forms and also its ability to be influenced by us, humans.
Around min 40 there are many subjects about the human body.

Many of the scientists interviewee in this movie are from Russia , including Prof. Korotkov, but also we can see Masaro Emoto and others.

My daughter (11 years old) was fascinated watching this movie and she said she will send the link to her school mates, even if, at this length, 1:20 min, many of them, children, or even adults, would consider they may have better things to do. I've told her not to wait for results. The simple spread of this important information is what is needed.

To the ones that already saw this movie, I do apologize for sending them the link, and I thank prof. Florin Munteanu very much for sharing this link with all of us:


Love, Joy and Harmony!

Be Love! Everything else is love!
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến farhad vì bài post hữu ích này:
Farideh (25-10-2008), georgy (25-10-2008), istvan (25-10-2008), lotus (25-10-2008)
Old 28-12-2008, 3:13 pm  
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English-speaking websites describing some of the works of Prof.Korotkov

Nguyên văn bởi Katerina View Post

An article about scientific research initiative, conducted by Irina Press and Ivan Nagorny of MEL-BELARUS, prooving effectiveness of using UE method, in English, with imagery made according to Prof.K.G.Korotkov method - changes in the energy fields of a human before and after UE transfer, before and after activation/opening of Chakras (by Master Dang, over distance).

Also state of water:
tap water

UE salt water (energy transferred in 2004, measurements of 2007)

Regular UE water

UE Garlic water

Irina and Ivan presented part of this research to Master Dang during the Garlic Meeting in Nov.2006 in Melbourne. Their efforts are indeed worth the Pasteur award of the Worldwide UE practitioners community
Our freedom is to let others be free Master Dang
Наша свобода в том, чтобы давать свободу другим Мастер Данг

Сказка - ложь, да в ней намек... Anything expressed is but a hint...

thay đổi nội dung bởi: farhad, 28-12-2008 lúc 3:27 pm.
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Dưới đây là 2 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến farhad vì bài post hữu ích này:
istvan (28-12-2008), lotus (28-12-2008)
Old 28-12-2008, 6:54 pm  
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Once again thanks to Katerina I remembered about existence and the origins of this document. Attached please find the full English file, received via Vladimir on September 15, 2007. Click here to see original Russian, which I received directly from Irina and Ivan on September 14, 2007.

Main value of this document is in its scientific content, though "political" one is also quite educational, though nobody but the interested parties (including Irina & Ivan themselves) can prove or disprove that. However, everything that takes place, happens because Higher Beings authorized it, didn't it?

At the moment when Master Dang passed away (12 August 2007) and the following weekend Paola Scotti Mariani was teaching L11-12-13 and then listening to L7-7+ first time being taught be local instructors in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. As some might still remember, after Master's passing away, Trung and Theresa jointly declared hault to teaching seminars (obviously, emotions were high, and people needed to calm down, pay respect, as well as to figure out what to do now).

Keeping in mind that UE students in Africa were waiting for those seminars for a year (as they were only inviting her to come once a year), as well as the fact that Master Dang gave Paola carte-blance for decisions on the territory of her responsibility as well as re-confirmed it less than a year before that, she decided differently. And there was plenty of Energy at the seminar.
Our freedom is to let others be free Master Dang
Наша свобода в том, чтобы давать свободу другим Мастер Данг

Сказка - ложь, да в ней намек... Anything expressed is but a hint...
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