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Dear Lady Theresa
Old 14-02-2009, 1:20 pm  
Senior Member

Default Dear Lady Theresa
I had received an E-mail and a file attach from student of Mankind Enlightenment Love, that is about Lady Theresa.
That is file attach.
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13cdmitriy (14-02-2009), an_li1 (16-02-2009), farhad (15-02-2009), georgy (15-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), kassie (14-02-2009), Katerina (21-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), ramzy (26-02-2009), translator (21-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (14-02-2009)
Old 14-02-2009, 11:36 pm  
Senior Member

None of the contents of this letter surprise me at all.

I expect we'll see much more of the same as the years go on.
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Dưới đây là 7 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến kassie vì bài post hữu ích này:
13cdmitriy (14-02-2009), farhad (15-02-2009), georgy (15-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), translator (21-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (15-02-2009)
Old 15-02-2009, 3:16 am  
Senior Member
georgy's Avatar

I agree with everything that was mentioned in this letter. I also felt similar sensations by following Theresa's transfers. Her CHI level is on a very low frequency (C3, C2, C1) and people who follow her, unfortunately receive these energies, and what is upgraded is their Ego only. I don’t want to judge anyone, but I propose to everyone to follow their intuition only before they start to follow someone else who claims to be better than our Master.
No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

thay đổi nội dung bởi: georgy, 15-02-2009 lúc 5:00 am.
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Dưới đây là 7 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến georgy vì bài post hữu ích này:
farhad (15-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), ramzy (26-02-2009), translator (18-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (15-02-2009)
Old 15-02-2009, 6:54 am  

cari Irina e Ivan
se non siete in sintonia con Lady Theresa, fermatevi non seguite ciò che è lontano da voi, perchè ti dovrebbe dare delle spiegazioni. Che necessità avete di denigrare e parlare male di Lady Theresa. Vi serve forse una scusa per allontanarvi? volete forse fare una scuola tutta vostra? Fatelo. Ci saranno degli studenti che vi seguiranno. Ma nessuno di noi ha bisogno di basare la propria crescita sulla separazione. Io ho scelto Lady Theresa come mia compagna nella Via, senza pressioni, come tanti altri allievi. Non si è imposta. Cerchiamo tutti di vivere sereni nella Luce, ognuno saprà che fare della propria vita.
con amore, fim
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Dưới đây là 4 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến fim vì bài post hữu ích này:
farhad (15-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), translator (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (15-02-2009)
Old 15-02-2009, 9:19 pm  
Senior Member

For English-speaking friends, please find an approximate translation of the above post (from the Google Translate Tool)

Dear Irina and Ivan,
if you are not in keeping with Lady Theresa, stop do not follow what is far away from you, why you should give explanations. What you need to denigrate and speak evil of Lady Theresa. Perhaps you need an excuse to away? maybe you want to do all your school? Do it. There will be students who will follow. But none of us needs to base its growth on the separation. I chose Lady Theresa as my companion in the way, without pressure, like many other students. It was not imposed. We try to live all in the serene light, everyone will know what to do with their lives.
with love, fim

Kassie's comment to fim:

Dear fim, in your post you ask Irina and Ivan, 'why you should give explanations?'

Here is why:

The whole purpose of this message board is to share the experiences that all students have with all aspects of the School of Universal Energy.

As Lady Theresa has essentially appointed herself as the Master's successor, the discussion has widened and necessarily must include Lady Theresa's activities within the School.

In my opinion, Ms. Irina & Mr. Ivan are perfectly entitled to openly share any and all of their experiences, both positive and negative with any aspect of the School and the teaching.

If any harm or damage is occurring to Irina & Ivan personally or to their students, they both have a moral responsibility to come forth and make their observations public. As Center directors, they are responsible for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of a great number of people.

To remain silent would be an irresponsible act on their part. For Irina & Ivan to voice their opinions does not stop anyone from following Lady Theresa. On the other hand, to attempt to silence people's personal observations & experiences through appeals to 'living in the serene light' is dangerously close to a cult mind control tactic.

Fim says everyone will know what to do with their lives. Well actually, everyone knows what to do with their lives as long as they are properly and honestly informed about all aspects of what they are about to do. People cannot make informed decisions if certain facts have been hidden from them.

In a different spiritual yoga group called Siddha Yoga, loyal students used the same tactics of trying to silence those people who had experienced physical, mental and even sexual abuse at the hands of the teacher Gurumayi and her appointed representatives. I would hope that the students of SHY/MEL/HUESA would never fall into the same pattern that so many spiritual groups have fallen into. I have tried to warn people about this in other posts but I don't know if anyone understands me.

I find it interesting that this post is written only in Italian with no English translation. This is the first time I have seen this on the English forum. I sincerely hope that the poster was not attempting to silence free speech in an underhanded manner by hiding behind the language barrier.

We have heard many positive things about Lady Theresa's work ... I'm sure we will hear many more. We may hear both positive and negative things about the work of MEL Headquarters and Dr. Trung.

The point is, that whatever people feel, they should be free to express it here. This forum is run by students from all branches of Universal Energy. It's not controlled by MEL or by HUESA. If we want to hear only good things about the group we prefer, we can go to the Websites that are run by MEL or HUESA.

Here, the students speak. The students are free to share whatever they need with the UE community within the bounds of respectful courtesy.

Some of us have very different opinions from each other. We cannot be controlled. Thank God!

(By the way, I would advise people to download a copy of this letter from Irina & Ivan in the case that it is mysteriously pulled or disappeared from this Website. I have seen this happen with documents on other Websites that contain information that certain groups of people don't like.)

thay đổi nội dung bởi: kassie, 15-02-2009 lúc 10:41 pm.
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Dưới đây là 10 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến kassie vì bài post hữu ích này:
an_li1 (15-02-2009), farhad (16-02-2009), georgy (15-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), ramzy (26-02-2009), thien thu 2 (16-02-2009), translator (16-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (16-02-2009)
Old 15-02-2009, 9:57 pm  
Senior Member

On a further note:

I have noted for a long time now that people in New Age/spiritual circles often try to silence critics by making them feel guilty.

They say for example that people with an opposing experience or opinion are being 'judgemental'.

They will look for an ulterior motive to discredit and to distract from the experiences and observations that have been made:

Perhaps you need an excuse to away? maybe you want to do all your school?

They make appeals that 'it's all good' and that everyone is free to 'follow their own path' etc. etc.

This is true, but has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand, which is this:

That people are experiencing physical/psychological and spiritual distress subsequent to attending Universal Energy seminars!

This is unheard of! Yet instead of saying, my goodness, let's investigate why this is happening, people want to bury their heads in the sand and say 'Oh well, it's okay. I'm fine, nothing happened to me, I'm just following my chosen Master, no problem for me'.

In other words, this means not caring at all, not being concerned at all with the well-being of other practitioners!!! Almost the exact opposite of what the Master trained us to be and do!

People might think it is because I don't support Lady Theresa that I say these things. I say to you, no! not at all! If I heard these kind of things from the MEL camp I would be equally concerned for the people involved.

I care about the UE spiritual community and sometimes I feel like we need a better system of checks and balances. Now that the Master is gone, who is it that takes care of new & continuing students?

Yes, his soul is always present, but only man can help mankind. He left so that WE would step up to the plate and be responsible for ourselves and for others.

Always beware of those who try to silence others with the scorpion sting of guilt and then sign off their correspondence with 'love'.

thay đổi nội dung bởi: kassie, 15-02-2009 lúc 10:31 pm.
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Dưới đây là 8 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến kassie vì bài post hữu ích này:
an_li1 (15-02-2009), farhad (16-02-2009), georgy (16-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), translator (21-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (16-02-2009)
...here we go again...
Old 16-02-2009, 5:14 am  
Super Moderator
vladimir's Avatar

Default ...here we go again...
I have nothing to oppose regarding the publishing of the Open Letter from MEL Belarus to Lady Theresa. This is public forum and it will be...
For the sake of truth, the answer(s) from MEL Bulagaria and the Group of HUESA Instructors should be read in order for the "neutral" UE student to have complete view of the situation. I cannot publish them here without their consent so after obtaining the letters will be here.
On the comments, I guess we have a truce here, not to offend any party but to be constructive and share the common thins that concern us all, but, ok, here we go:

Georgy: The sensations felt by you and other students that complain in this manner reflect the situation (density) of your karma, activated by the powerful UE transfer. It means that your capacity is insufficient for that particular seminar. It is obvious in your case since you follow ex SHY Macedonia center whose head is self proclaimed Guru performing transfers of UE to any level he desires.

Kassandra: I could not expect any other comment from you anyway, so be healthy and joyful.

Love & Light


thay đổi nội dung bởi: vladimir, 17-02-2009 lúc 3:58 pm.
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Dưới đây là 10 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến vladimir vì bài post hữu ích này:
an_li1 (16-02-2009), farhad (16-02-2009), georgy (16-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), Myriam (16-02-2009), ramzy (26-02-2009), translator (18-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (16-02-2009)
Question we can ask ourselves ?
Old 16-02-2009, 5:55 am  
Senior Member

Default Question we can ask ourselves ?
Dear all,

I can testimony about the many questions and various feelings we crossed through since The Master has left his body :

Some doubts, fears, lack of confidence, as we felt we have lost a beloved father, this is an experience we can see with our experience of lost of one our very near parent or relative... No one even with faith, in life, God, and spirituality space, can avoid to live this experiment. Each one live it in echoes with his/her own way of being and experiments we have been crossing since we are born.

And then in our united connection through Master, we experiment this heavy lost. Having trouble and lack of confidence in what can be better way to go on.

I dont want to be in division in myself with this, but I have been asking myself, what this can bring to all of Us. And some special sentences Master repeated many times in courses as : Dont judge others, dont judge God, God is not judging, only human being is judging, and if you judge others it is the same as judging yourself. And if You judge to God, also !

Stay calm, and patient for improving and growing on the path of Enlightment... and also, if someone dont want to receive help, or if you cannot help, let go, if someone have to fail let it fail, this is a way for us to see, the lesson for us not to follow this way.

He said also, my soul is near you 24/24h 7/7 days, God is near of you too as you are my students, and this is my mission to teach you what I got from Higher Beings, from God, than what can we understand and apply with this...

And on the spiritual path, we have to eliminate the most negatives emotions, thoughts, practice the techniques of your level, if you need help ask to my soul, I will be there in a "tic-tac" of second (and this is in the first levels = with L4 and 5 (rotating chakras and meditations with Master and Higher Beings/God) ! In this time Master said yet : I give you all what I receive from Higher beings, You have all the techniques for helping health and meditate... but there is some people which come to the courses and never apply any techniques, AND HE INSISTS HEAVILY : Apply the Techniques for helping, even if you help one person, if you help yourself first this is good, but if even you cannot help yourself with the techniques than I can do nothing more for you.... And There is some work for all of us, each of us, this is our mission, you come as volunteer for helping people and Mankind, God as a job for you !

What all this is meaning still now.... ?

nb There are silent people working, there are some telling what difficult in this time since the Master has left, and also that now what Master announced for earth is occuring. Time is in acceleration, the work more than EVER before is RIGHT now, Helping people to grow in health and good balance, and mankind for those who have a status with responsability... each one in the place one's live can apply the techniques around, Dont forget first yourself, than your family, work relatives, and country than for some people helping Mankind on Earth... And also, transmitting this teachings received from God by the Master to Us, and Opening chakras, very important techniques to help people going in autonomy with themselves and enlightning , so that each one can contribute to help bring on Earth the paradise, the Long Hoa Day, not in another life after death, but now in this life. We dont know how many time we are able to live, but if you have a mission with The Universal Energy till you have to work for this God dont let you die. If you follow this way in your own interest, than you will loose everything of this precious gift, God give you by the opening of Chakras.

now (I myriam) must stop something tell me now that is enough for reminding and asking about our mission and the way Master wish us to become as himself did the way to learn for many years before teaching us and also when teaching us receiving guidance and more lessons to give us. I dont state on what he felt the years before he has gone, the difficulties that came on his way for teaching us...

I write this straight without any notes, only with what come to my true heart for a call about our ONE TRUE SELF. And last reminding is over L13 and following "there is no good no bad if you/we can go over bad/good judging we can realise enlightenment. (sorry if shortly mentionning)

with my true heart, with love, and peace for all of our ONENESS.
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Dưới đây là 9 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến Myriam vì bài post hữu ích này:
an_li1 (16-02-2009), farhad (16-02-2009), georgy (16-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), ramzy (26-02-2009), thien thu 2 (16-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (16-02-2009)
Old 16-02-2009, 9:16 am  
Senior Member

Kassie, you don't need to worry about it. This forom was very boring recently so there will be more and more people come to hear. And Admin will be happy about it

About Ivan, one year ago, I had an open leter from him. But at that time, he wanted to "kill" Trung not Theresa. LOL

I feel the same thing between the first open letter with this letter. Seem he only copy and paste and replace Trung -> LT

This is Russian Open letter, you can temporary use google translation to understand it. But i will translate into E soon.

You can come here to have it


Google Translate for the attachment:
Đanh đá nhất khu hàng cá
Lôm côm nhất chỗ hàng tôm

thay đổi nội dung bởi: matmat, 16-02-2009 lúc 11:30 am. Lý do: update google translation
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an_li1 (24-09-2010), farhad (16-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), ramzy (26-02-2009), Анечка (16-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (16-02-2009)
Old 16-02-2009, 3:26 pm  
Senior Member
farhad's Avatar

Dear friends,

Open letter of Irina & Ivan raised a similar discussion in the minds of the Russian-speaking UE instructors & head-centers, as well as among the Russian forum members.
I've seen some declarative emails of some HUESA instructors/head-centers, posts with comments, questions and guesses among those who are on the forum (most Russian forum users ignore declarative appeals, and try to look for/share on substance matter).

This post of mine is for informational purposes only. We are all forced to make "guesses" and educated ones are supposed to give better results

Putting aside possible political ramifications, Irina was and is one of the best, most dedicated, and courageous UE instructors in the Russian-speaking area (In my quality of interpreter, I first met her in person during L5 & L5.1 seminar taught by Paola and Vanni in Minsk in Oct.2000, last time during Nov.2007 Colombo congress). She was always smart to try to keep her feet on the ground, more likely than others if not to admit that she was wrong, but at least hint to that. I know Ivan since somewhere in 2005 and I should say they seem to be very harmonious couple.

I never had particularly warm relationships with either (they never hurried to make UE seminar schedules & local contacts throughout Belarus public, as I tried to do at www.shyru.narod.ru), but UE in Belarus had it's upheavals & Irina had to deal extensively with local authorities to clean the mess that was created by previous "activists", providing them with reports and materials, fighting to obtain and keep permission to keep UE school active throughout the Belarus.

If anyone wants to use Google to translate/read the materials on some of UE waves in the Russian-speaking part of the world (some light on events of 1999-2001, shed by someone who had access to documents of law enforcement authorities, published on the Internet on April 2007) - here is the link http://zone-13.org/2007/04/13/mezhdu...eka-i-kosmosa/

and related discussion in the Russian-speaking thread (beginning with post no.56, on page 6)

Belarus doesn't fit the democratic stereotype of the West (like Iran), but in both places they have great practitioners and wonderful results. Whenever I was interpreting in Minsk, there were many doctors and nurses at the seminars. And GRV method they started using for making UE method more acceptable by "scientific-minded" community, is just one hands-on tool (like all the false tools that Master gave us).

Indeed, all tools should be used for the purpose, not sanctified...


P.S. I attach some English-speaking originals of historic significance.
*Irina & Ivan's Open Letter of Sept.2007
*Reply of Fernando to their Open Letter of Feb.7, 2009
*Comments of Irina & Ivan

P.P.S. The method brought by Master Luong Minh Dang will live and flourish long after all of us will be gone, so the true value of what we are doing now will only be seen by those who'll have the benefit of the hindsight.
Our freedom is to let others be free Master Dang
Наша свобода в том, чтобы давать свободу другим Мастер Данг

Сказка - ложь, да в ней намек... Anything expressed is but a hint...
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an_li1 (16-02-2009), georgy (16-02-2009), human.1313 (17-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), Myriam (18-02-2009), ramzy (26-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (17-02-2009)
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