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Công cụ Kiếm Trong Bài Xếp Bài
Old 16-02-2009, 5:50 pm  
Senior Member
Darza's Avatar

Myself, i do not read all these letters. I am sure everything went exactly according to the divine plan as it always does. Even when the Master was alive there were people who betrayed the school and the teachings. he just accepted it and moved on. He did not argue or fight, he just left it.

I have been in nature since level 13++ in 2004 till dec 2008. On level 13++ the Master confirmed i no longer needed him to learn. From then on i had my own direct link to "God". His death was his last present to me, it gave me more freedom still. Now i am free, a sovereign being.

Where are the other free souls? Who has this urge for new experience? Who researches what happens in the NOW?
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Old 18-02-2009, 1:44 pm  
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Nguyên văn bởi Darza View Post
Myself, i do not read all these letters. I am sure everything went exactly according to the divine plan as it always does. Even when the Master was alive there were people who betrayed the school and the teachings. he just accepted it and moved on. He did not argue or fight, he just left it.

I have been in nature since level 13++ in 2004 till dec 2008. On level 13++ the Master confirmed i no longer needed him to learn. From then on i had my own direct link to "God". His death was his last present to me, it gave me more freedom still. Now i am free, a sovereign being.

Where are the other free souls? Who has this urge for new experience? Who researches what happens in the NOW?
Good job Darza!

As free souls (spirits) we are responsible for our own acts only. I certainly agree that Master's passing away was beautiful... I was not a bit surprized that he might have felt/foreseen the time has come and staged it perfectly using everything to the benefit of Mankind he so much loved...

Since then everyone of us is basically forced to take on our own responsibility... it's so much fun!!!

However our steps of advancement can only be sound if we learn past lessons and understand them (at least to some degree)... One cannot heal without admitting that something BETTER be changed, and figuring out what exactly.

I attach a few letter that were forwarded today by Fernando Fonseca. They are in the order of how well I know the original senders (and to the point I have no personal experience of dealing with them that could hint me their claim should be viewed as serious). Personally I don't care much about this wave, but it shows how majority of us (humans) reacts to unpleasant situations. If the school founded on Earth by Master Luong Minh Dang is to become a widely respected International University, we need to learn dealing with each other more constructively.

I am in no position to evaluate the seriousness of Irina & Ivan's concerns but from my personal experience of knowing them for about 8 years now (over the years we have agreed on many issues, and disagreed on much more), they wouldn't have written an open letter before trying to resolve the issue internally...

I can confirm that GDV is one of the diagnostic methods that was developped based on physics discoveries since 1960s , and scientifically it's only criticized as not being detailed enough (as today there are further break-through discoveries that are not yet used on comparable scale). In March 2007 had a chance to discuss this issue with a professor & researcher in physics of Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics, Ph.D. in physics.

Our freedom is to let others be free Master Dang
Наша свобода в том, чтобы давать свободу другим Мастер Данг

Сказка - ложь, да в ней намек... Anything expressed is but a hint...
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Belarus - students's angle
Old 18-02-2009, 4:41 pm  
Super Moderator
vladimir's Avatar

Default Belarus - students's angle
Thanks for the info Farhad.
I will quote the letter from Belarus as it is:

My greetings to you,

I attended the level 20.1 seminar of Ld Theresa from 24 to 28 September 2008 through videoconference in Minsk at the Scientific Information Center of Complementary Knowledge and development of Ms Press Irina Dmitrievna.

That was a wonderful seminar, although we had little technical problems.
The energy that Dr Theresa transferred to us was really gentle and strong.

At that moment I could feel this energy as I am feeling it now transferred by the soul of Master Dang through Dr Theresa, and now also through us.

Every student in that seminar had received exactly the vibration and the energy from Master that they were able and wanted to receive. I still remember the joyful words from Irina at the end of the class: “Lady Theresa has given us everything…”. And each one had received what they could to follow the spiritual path.

I myself have not applied widely the healing techniques for other people just like many high level students have. However when I transferred energy to my relatives and my close friends, I could see clearly better result. This has been confirmed by the family of my brother who lives 300 kilometers away from me. They are all UE students. The vital energy of love can not harm, it just heal the disease and create.

All my feeling about that seminar can not be expressed by any other words but just “wonderful”. The feeling of this love energy went through every cell in my body and to all creatures surrounding, it is just like we are here but we are everywhere also, the harmony and the unity – it is just so wonderful!!! It works 24 hours a day in both conscious and unconscious manner. Is there anything better than lv20.1? It could only be lv20.2. It is true that we are just at the first stage of the Zero. Anyway, whether to accept the Zero of lv20.1 is the choice of every student attending this level. The only way we can accept this when we can change ourselves; change our mentality with our pure and sincere heart. God has given human the freewill and the free of choice. What the students can benefit from the seminar when they come to class with high frequency and the old luggage that they do not want to detach from? Those are all lessons. We can see that through the videoconference seminar on 28 January to 1st February 2009 in Minsk that I audited on the last 2 days. I felt pity for the choice that the students on the seminar had made. If the heads of center in Minsk still need the lesson of power and ego, we can send them our infinite and unconditional love so that they could learn those lessons completely in the shortest time.

The Open letter of Irina and Ivan makes us feel that it was written with a very strange purpose, making us dazzle by untrue things and a free manner of information analyzing. If we want to reply that letter in detail then we may need not only one day of hard-working to re-establish what has been actually happening in reality or all the evidence to show. Our God, please release us from those legal and bureaucratic matter!

“… Only when we start to hear our soul can we become a true human...” – this saying is from a nun in Tiber monastery (a TV show about Tibet on RenTV in 15 February 2009). What soul we may have is from what we choose.

Marcus Tachiana Arturovna, 16.02.2009.

* * *
Love & Light

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Old 18-02-2009, 9:35 pm  
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Chaikovsky, Perm region, Russian Federation (local MEL instructor & head-center)

Nguyên văn bởi Тихомирова Т. View Post
we are witnessing an interesting turn once again! First we've seen blames on how dared we keep silent that people start feeling worse after attending HUESA seminars, that folks here or there start having serious psychic and physical problems. Now it seems things are getting clearer... What exactly, should I ask?

I'd assume everyone draws his/her own independent conclusions. All of a sudden we are witnessing how great many HUESA folks start writing open letters showing how bad are Irina and Ivan, how they are fighting for power and how big is their ego.

Isn't that funny that only on February 6 these folks were friends and colleagues in HUESA, but as soon as Irina and Ivan said something that was not pleasant to their peers as they were right away labelled "enemy" and started receiving their own portion of durt at every turn. So they were good guys after their first letter (Sept.2007), whilst after their second (Feb.2009) they are now all of a sudden bad?! And all this accompanied with plenty eternal love declarations to everybody...!!!!!!

Did anybody pay attention to how different are the letters of Irina and Ivan and their opponents? I'm talking about all aspects? I didn't come accross to any possible reason for offence, nor blame in the letter addressed to Lady Theresa, nor judging her personality and merits. As for HUESA colleagues only pour blames, point out to what they consider to be personal weaknesses.

Personally, I see that head-centers of Belarussian HUESA center provide sound proofs of the facts they quote in their letter and there are some who do not wish these facts to be seriously studied, openly discussed and be used in decision making. Based on this, I'd say we are going to witness some more letters that will try to convince the public that (as the famous song has it): "as for the rest, oh my wonderful marquise, things are just fine, things are just fine.....".
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farhad (13-03-2009), georgy (19-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (18-02-2009)
Dear Irina and Ivan and other UE friends!
Old 20-02-2009, 3:17 pm  
Senior Member

Default Dear Irina and Ivan and other UE friends!
After read your open letter to Dr.Theresa and the answered letter I have no ideal to say but a small story in Viet Nam may help you to find some other sides.

I have some friends in the south of Viet Nam who are the first level 20 of Master Dang's learners in july 2007 in Melbourne , Bangkok and Holland.
After Master passed away he also believed in Theresa and many time he called me on the phone to ask me who i will follow and everytime he got my answer is : Master's soul.

Before the level 20.1 started , I remembered from 12 of Aug in 2008 on Master's Death ceremony he called me agian to ask me Would I like to go for level 20.1.And I said :" No , for me thanks." and I told him :" If you feel you want to do it, so do it. Then you see how you feel." That was my answer.

After level 20.1 he came back home and called me again that man said:" Hello I had very big problems when I use the new tech of level 20.1 I feel disorder and not feel good when I help new students come to Ue. How do you think what shoul I do."

Then I gave him my advice :" Come back with Master and do the rice bath so you can get energy back."

After one week that man called me and said he felt better.

This is one more time to show you. This is not only happen in your country but my country with Vietnameses people. At the begginning I think I should not talk to people about this but my true heart and the truth tell me write this because I can not keep it for our selfishness but we should share to gether to see and learn and help human in right way, right energy.
When I write this letter I am talking on cell phone with that man and see how that man feel.

He said because he does not want to be criticized by people in Viet Nam and because all most his ue learners still follow Theresa so even he did not practice the technique of level 20.1 but he doesn't want to popularize.

So now the way he does is : Practice with Master's Technique tech but organize and talk to people follow Theresa.HE cannot live with the truth because he afraid of many things.

I think I should sympathize to him too, because manners and customs , his family, and society.

For me I do not know which is good and which is bad but , nothing wrong nothing right but follow Master's Dang so get the truth, no fear, not judging so I can help .

Dear Irina and Ivan and UE friends please send me your email here or you can write me email for more details about this . I think this topic may help many people with many sides.
Let time say the truth

at: uemelw@gmail.com
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Dưới đây là 5 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến tinhthuong vì bài post hữu ích này:
an_li1 (20-02-2009), farhad (01-03-2009), georgy (21-02-2009), lotus (05-03-2009), Тихомирова Т. (20-02-2009)
So the question is...
Old 20-02-2009, 10:43 pm  
Senior Member

Default So the question is...
Dear Tinhthuong,
Thak you for your post.
I think I have one now question after reading it.
You said your friend felt worse after the 20.1,however,how about many other vietnamese students who have done the level?
What is their experience?
Because just as Master said,level 20 will not be sucesful for every participant,it might be the same for level 20.1.
Every participant might experience it differently,and for some it might not be sucesful,and perhaps those people might need to go back to the previous level and continue to reap whatever benefits it gives them.

For me personaly,the place of concern is not the other people's sensations that much,as it is the technical stuff--the Kirlian methodology that might have been used.
I am not familiar woth what Irina and Ivan have been using in their "measurements",but in general,some aura imaging technologies can capture some phenomena,like Reiki energy transfer,bioenergy healing,and possibly UE healing.
If UE has an effect on the energy and health status of an individual,some of these phenomena might be possible to be captured on these devices--but this is just my assumption,based on zero personal experience and by seeing some pictures and clips of energy work and aura imaging.

I have wondered,is Master has authorised people to transfer energy to level 4 (?) just before his departure,the problem remained for the higher levels.
Who will take practicants on the lower levels in the higher ones?
When Darza says that level 13++ was the last stop for him/her,
that's great.
I am level 6 and I am happy with it as well,and I it is acceptable for me to stay at it--surely I don't think it defines any kind of level of "spiritual accomplishment".
But what about moving further?
I also believe that energy can not send energy,and that people are needed to tone-down or transform these waves into frequency reckognisable for the human realm--hence "people helping people".
HUE might even be seen as a sort of prayer--emanation of love frequency into the created world.
It is a gift to be able to pray for somebody or something,and sending energy is like a sublime prayer

Anyways,what about the higher levels,and who will/should do the transfers?
I have done meditations with Lady Teresa,and in several occasions,I was quite startled by the energy--experienced them in a positive manner.

In a way,even though I am level six,i somehow came to see the upper levels like evergrowing in the capacity to use portions of the mind which are part of our microcosmos and part of the macrocosmos as well.
For example,taking energy from the stars and transfering it to people--to me it seems to correspond to a transpersonal level that exists in the human minds that could be reached trough many forms of transpersonal practice or therapy--the book "Holotropic mind" by Stanislav Grof is a great reading in that area.
To have the capacity to utilise such deep levels of the mind--and beyond,to help and emanate these frequencies of cosmic harmony into the world,it is a great gift.
Each upper level the Master organised,seems to paralel the levels of the mind as maped by years of transpersonal research by some very cool psychiatrists today.

Now,what follows are only my thoughts and speculations.
Master has given on the last level 20 the participans the ability to open chacras to people all the way to level 4 (not exactly sure if it was this level)...the question stays,who has the capacity to do it on upper levels?
Not arguing if Lady Theresa could do it or not (again,my personal experience with her transfers and group meditations has been quite positive),
what if...more 20 level people together can create a gestalt of human bodies-minds and do the transfer together?
Besides Lady Theresa, what if other level 20 practicioners can do it if they come together and do a transfer as a group of people?
Every upper level might need more practicioners to do it,and in a way---more minds with right intention might match the capacity to hold and do a transfer for levels beyond what was given to them as individuals on level 20 by Master.
So they would all become one Master Dang in that process...?

This is just speculation,maybe it is a way it has been done already,maybe this sort of "group gestalt" energy transfer is exactly what is being done in other centers,I really don't know,but just throwing an idea.

My appologies to the moderators if this whole line of thought is not relevant to this thread,and feel free to delete it or move it to another thread.

All the best to all,
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farhad (01-03-2009), georgy (21-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), Тихомирова Т. (21-02-2009)
Everything happens for the right reason
Old 21-02-2009, 7:12 pm  
Senior Member

Default Everything happens for the right reason
Dear ali_1!
I have no time and chance to contact others , sorry about this , the man I had information . He also leads a group in Viet Nam.

He attended the first level 20.1 and he leaded people to the second and the third level 20.1.

As the email Ivan and Irina did not say the students did not feel energy but the different energy. OK?

And my advice for you now is . You are level 6 now with Pyramid practice lessons you can contact with Master' soul by your chakra 6 and highbeings to ask: where you come to continue the way of learning spiritualities to have abilities to help and be helped. I am sure Master's soul never tell you a lie, highbeings aslo.But Human they can cheat you. I only here and remind you some Master 's Teaching about wisdom love.Also I knew many people can do the transfer but what kind of energy we need , you need .It is important to care like when you drink the warter.Some water brings health , some other not.Do you want to know why we love Master more than other people ? And Why It is very hard to accept who can higher than Master's soul? Because nobody can show human kind how to heal millions of People on the earth without medicine . He rescuses poor people. He brings love and light to the rich people who were sunk in gloomy. Like Some other methods They open the third eye but he opens your soul for you to contact with whom you want to believe. One more things If Master Dang did not show people about wondering souls how can we know we still live with them and they need our energy to come up higher level of energy . I ask people again : CAN YOUR SOUL DO it?He helps people to recognize three big lessons: FAME, BENEFITS, LOVE. HE loved all his students who follow or not follow. Model Angtenna to generate electricity, sorry this is for level 7 and 7++. I ask you who can do it ? you? Me? Theresa? No No No. And the last things: What is the important for human to learn UE? When I raise the question it is the same time Master Dang answer me . I do not want to have comments but I wait and see the result. It is important for all not only for me, you but for human.I am a busy person , too. But I can feel what should i do , what should i talk. Your question here is important to whom want to continue to learn UE to help and be helped so I save my time to answer.Who was authorized teachings now is not important but who can really do his ways to rescuse people it is very very important. Why Theresa wants to teach higher than Master. And you should see the documents again. Master said : When the electricity is cut off who will enlighten it? You ? Me? Theresa? or whom? We respect him not because his FAME but his mission still on for thousands years more. He never died. He is watching us now. more clear.

And How long she learns to teach the new level. Master usually said : He aslo learned with his students from level 16 and everythings he taught he also learn from God. I did not see the the time Theresa learned with Whom when she busy all time with seminars, meetings, . I mean it is hard to believe she can really have peace mind. Some time I heard seminars from her I heard nothing new. I never know Ivan and Irina before but when I read thier Letter I can feel the truth there some how.I said this is my feelings.

All the detail in the letter from Ivan and Irina they care about the quality of teaching in the seminar, they care about the real thing is right energy, They care about health and many good things. I don't need to see the diagrams but the most things I can see is they talk thier truth and I even did not do the mearsument but some how by feelings follow Master's method enlightenment Love with wisdom. I still see They pay thier uncondition love to Theresa .What we care here is the Quality of teaching. I like it.I also audited in many seminars of Lady. Theresa . I feel the same things with them. And the answer I need is from Master 's soul not from others Some my writting here is the writting not any questions.

I have no comments here , Only tell about one true story what I knew. Believe or not . It doesn't matter. Master Dang never tell you have to believe in him. Ok? The more you convince the more you let people see your weakness at your belief. Some body tell me that. Believe in or not believe in it doesn's matter. But
Who on the earth can teach human to simple life but full of positive energy so we need it. Who guide people with full of sweet and beautiful languages but not beautiful energy so we don't need it. That the way people go. That the way Master teachs and do And Master taught many times in His First level 20.

Hope my answer is alittle make you clear.
Wish you make your own choice. Do what ever you feel without worry, fear, caculate that is the first you can get when you try to clear mind to do meditation right?

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Old 22-02-2009, 1:14 am  
Senior Member
georgy's Avatar

There are some things that need to be understood and really taken seriously.
If someone senses negative symptoms or energy side-effects form transfers that Theresa performers, it may mean that his level of sensibility is very strong, and it may be feeling the energy how it really is. This shouldn’t be offensive to anyone, it MUST to be deeply researched and studied so the harm to be avoided.
And what is happening here? Is this some kind of a Spiritual War between MEL and HUESA? Even in spirituality you are divided, separated from the Oneness, I am very disappointed. Instead of being acceptable and try to figure out why some feel these issues, you sit here and talk, it’s like a race you do, to show your self how smart you are and feeling superior than others. Guys! You must do something, someone is going through difficulties, I too sensed negative energy from Theresa, and even from MEL students that make them self great Masters. It's all Ok what Lady Theresa is doing, that's just her mission here, if the Divine allows her to do whatever she does, then we should let her to do it, time will tell if she was "the chosen one" to continue the mission of UE School. But I think that time have already spoken..
You must stop this War, you MUST find a solution. It’s not to be worried, but sincerely to try to help others that are suffering. You want to be on a high spiritual level? Do not talk too much, but ACT NOW! Act with pure heart and true Wisdom, give many ideas, and feel free to share how to find a real solution of this problem.
My personal opinion is that Only Master had capacity to transfer UE for all levels, his UE had true power, and these “new Masters” that appeared with increased level of Ego ( the same issue that made Atlantis fall, Master warned us about this) have nothing more to give us, but New lessons, to disturb our minds and to make us more conscious. They all are welcomed to do there mission, everything must be accepted, sooner or later, God will do the Right thing. You also are part of God, so DO THE RIGHT THING!

I apologize for my poor English.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

thay đổi nội dung bởi: georgy, 23-02-2009 lúc 2:23 am.
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Prayer for all Nations
Old 27-02-2009, 2:49 am  
Senior Member

Default Prayer for all Nations
I pray to God almighty. You created human beings in one form.
You ordered that all people will live as one family.
We stand in front of Your holiness and all human beings are under Your shadow.
Everybody lives around Your grace and everybody is guided by Your destiny.

I pray to God the creator.
You love everybody. You created each one and gave life to everyone.
You give each person the skillful ability.
And You enable all people to be flooded by Your blessings that is abundant just as the sea.

I pray to God to give the blessing to unite all human beings, to bring harmony to all
religions, to combine all nations to be one,
To help all people to see each other as brothers and sisters in one family,
And to see this earth as one country and bless all people to live in peace.

I pray to God to start the power to unite all human beings.
I pray that You build the foundation of Peace and I ask You to bind all hearts to one.
God the merciful, I ask You to fill my heart with the fragrance of Your love.
I ask You to open our eyes with Your divine light, I ask You to open our ears with Your gentle words,
And I ask You to keep us in the fortress of Your destiny.

You are the Omnipotent who is infinite and eternal.
You are the Merciful.
You are the Forgiver of the lowliness and weakness of Humanity.
I beg You to hear my prayer.

Saint Louis, USA, April 24, 1999
Luong Minh Dang
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Dưới đây là 6 người đã gửi lời cảm ơn đến dat_mel vì bài post hữu ích này:
farhad (27-02-2009), georgy (27-02-2009), istvan (27-02-2009), lotus (08-03-2009), vladimir (27-02-2009), Тихомирова Т. (27-02-2009)
Old 11-03-2009, 6:39 am  
Senior Member

"Georgy: The sensations felt by you and other students that complain in this manner reflect the situation (density) of your karma, activated by the powerful UE transfer. It means that your capacity is insufficient for that particular seminar."

Wow. The quote continues:

"It is obvious in your case since you follow ex SHY Macedonia center whose head is self proclaimed Guru performing transfers of UE to any level he desires."

Um ... 'self proclaimed Guru' !!! er... 'performing transfers of UE to any level he desires' !!! Oh my god, say it aint so, Vlad! Isn't that a little close to the bone? Aren't there one or two of those roaming around these days ... including a certain 'Lady' !?! Eek. Anyway ...

matmat - Yes, as you can tell, I like a good debate as much as the next person.

It is not that I 'worry' about any of these issues. I'm no longer involved with the daily operations of MEL/HUESA and I don't want to be.

I'm aware that Ivan & Irina have 'flip-flopped' in their views since the Master's passing. I really don't know what their motives are.
I have said many times that my only concern is the health and safety of new and upcoming students.

One of the ways I can help is to express my concerns on the open forum. The Internet is (for the most part) free and open access to everyone. At least people can find information/opposing opinions about both MEL & HUESA if they go looking for it.

To blame the students themselves that it is the density of their karma or 'insufficient capacity' that is causing them problems sounds suspicious to me.

To refuse to investigate claims within one's own school that some individuals may have been negatively affected seems strange ... but okay, I suppose such claims could have been invented or exaggerated. I can only say that I would be equally concerned if someone in MEL claimed such a thing.

Vladimir quite clearly has a much higher understanding of spiritual principles such as 'dense karma' and 'capacity' than I do.

Is this a 'Spiritual War' between MEL and HUESA as Georgy fears? I don't know. I'm not a high spiritual thinker like Vladimir. I just think in terms of 'Are the students safe now, today?' and 'Are they healthy?'. I don't know anything about anyone else's karma or 'insufficient capacity'. I'm not high enough to know about those things. That would make me as high as God.

I only hope that the students who come after me are safe whether they are taught by HUESA or MEL. Safe physically, emotionally, spiritually. None of the rest really matters.

If it is a Spiritual War, HUESA can 'win' as far as I am concerned and whatever that means. As long as the students are healthy and happy in the long run, I hope they do 'win'.

Thanks to Vladimir for his wishes for my own personal health and happiness, whether sincere or not. I'm sure that Vlad considers me just as karmically dense as the next person.

* * *

P.S.: Very interesting by the way that the technology Ivan and Irina are using is now being classified as 'pseudo-science' by HUESA defenders. That same technology seemed accceptable enough when it was used in their favor. Oh well. It seemed a bit hokey to me too but all's fair in love and Spiritual War, right?

"Are not men presumtuous to appoint themselves the dispensers of human existence? Surely this is a flagrant expression of what the Greeks called hubris, of arrogant man making himself God. Yet one underlying assumption makes this arrogance mandatory: the conviction that there is just one path to true existence, just one valid mode of being, and that all others are perforce invalid and false. Totalists thus feel themselves compelled to destroy all possibilities of false existence as a means of furthering the great plan of true existence to which they are committed." - Robert Jay Lifton

thay đổi nội dung bởi: kassie, 11-03-2009 lúc 9:30 am. Lý do: Adding more stuff that probably won't make a dent.
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