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Thank you Master's Teaching
Old 24-08-2008, 2:06 am  
Senior Member

Default Thank you Master's Teaching
Dear Master!

In August many events happened.Your lessons for all of us were so diffrent in Practice with no wrong or right.
Thank for all unknown soldiers because your silent contribution.
During the seminar in the first level 20 I heard from Master Dang teaching:" Remember nomore higher level in UE school , we only have this is highest level in UE's teaching." Then Master gave us the right to open 100% chakra for new students.
For me I will understand like that: We can help to open chakra for new students and can help mankind up to level 20 follow whatever Master authorize to do so and who ever can have abilities to do so that would be supported by highbeings and unknown soldiers to fullfill our mission with our beloved Father anf mother : the life of the universal.
But one day when I contact to Master's soul to learn about how to be wisdom and enlightement to continue to guide human and all kinds of living on the earth to be the light.
I only recieve the answer: Only God know.
That is reason from the day when I came in UE school to learn with Master I only believe in Him because each time when I think to him I always feel safe, strong -warm or hot energy come to my chakra 7 and it means to me.He is the highest soul I know on the earth.Because in the basic level he taught us :" Only the Omnipotent can help all kind of souls to come back to the light."
I believe in this sentence not because the power or he is a wellknown spiritual Master but because I felt so too.
And I understand why we always have argue on this web about : seminars taught by whom? and who is Master's authorize?
The answer here is no one because before Master stopped his breath for sure on whatever he taught us he will be back to the Omnipotent. Remember each time he had the seminar he told us he was teaching whatever the energy directly from the almighty to do not to copy any lesson or repeat from whoever live on the earth.
That make the new thing all time and the energy so strong make everyone have no comment only stay there to hear from him with no judge because the Almighty let him to do so.

Now we come back whatever Huesa/ MEL/ SHY did in one year.We also know there is no wrong or right here but thank Master Dang for any reason he brought us together to share our love and to dig a hole so all kinds of power and selfishness to be gone out of the earth.
We only know how to protect whatever bring benifit for you not for other.
We only accept evething if you like it.There is no way for other.
Even You try to do everything to make them down you don't need to care how will they live by your judge then in the night you sat down then you pray GOd again to help you but not other.
This is called : the black hole in each person and only the almighty know it.
Every people has the right to do things and no one can stop them even Binladen but the Almighty is the one who know what to do with whom and he let us live in peace, love and light.

Do you want to authorize all power and selfishness to him because for whatever I know I feel only him can strong enough to do so. He is the Almighty-the Omnipotent.

Let him do so we can have heaven on the earth, we will respect each other and our mission come down the earth to protect each other to feel warm inside our heart and strong enough to help the weaker.Master authorized us the strength to love not to keep power and selfishness for any owner. He gave the method to transfer energy not to show people you are the one who can do so but to help human.Because the Almighty never want to keep power and selfishness anymore that is reason the first level 20 Master Dang repeated it many many times.

Thank master because you show me the light and I know what you taught us from 12 of last August until now.Because I learn from you so my heart is open enough to be here to continue recieve the light of wisdom from your teaching in silent to strong enough to accept human society.So we are all right because we are still marterial body.

With love and light.

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