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"Theresa and Trung are not in the line with my beloved Master"
Old 14-05-2008, 10:33 pm  
Senior Member

Default "Theresa and Trung are not in the line with my beloved Master"
"Theresa and Trung are not in the line with my beloved Master".

I have heard this idea on many occasions and I would like further explanation about this from anyone who can help me. I am asking seriously.

Could somebody please explain to me how Dr. Trung is 'not in line' with the Master (who was his own father I believe?)

To my understanding, Mme. Theresa is not Dr. Trung's mother but actually is the second wife of the Master. Weren't there quite a few women with the Master before her? Why do people consider her to be special?

Also I understand that the Master did not authorize Mme. Theresa to teach while he was alive. I do not understand why that would change after His death? Certainly I observed through the years that she did perform small administrative tasks and assisted him in the work, but that was all I saw.

Also, I don't really understand how Mme. Theresa can claim that she is the one doing the Sunday energy transfer? This is confusing to me. It was always done by the Master in the past. If he had transferred this ability to her, wouldn't He have made some kind of annoucement about it? Wouldn't He have let us know? What do people think about that?

Now I have heard that Mme. Theresa is teaching original techniques that the Master never even taught. In fact, she will soon be teaching the 20.1 ... isn't this strange to anyone else? Does nobody think that might be a little um ... egoistic?

It is almost certainly saying that she is now teaching beyond anything that the Master taught.

To me, Mme. Theresa was His wife but also just a student of the Master, just like anyone else. Do people who have met her in person (I have not) feel that she has the same unique energy & charisma as the Master? More importantly, do people feel she has the same capabilities as the Master? Does she have the same wisdom? Was she just laying low all this time and hiding her talents until He passed away?

Am I asking the wrong questions? Do people believe the soul of the Master has gone into Mme. Theresa's body? Or have people always believed that she is a figure on the same level as the Virgin Mary or Kwan Yin? If so, I am quite surprised, because I never heard people talk that way about her.

Wouldn't it be wise of Dr. Trung to discourage any one Level 20 student from claiming so much attention for themselves, saying they are the new source of the energy and essentially making themselves the Master's replacement?

Any Level 20 student could claim it. Just schedule classes at the same time as the Master's Sunday energy transfer and there you go. Who would know if your weren't really making the transfer?

I really don't see Dr. Trung making any such claims himself. I only see him continuing with the same role the Master gave him a long time ago as his chosen Representative. He has not stopped anyone from teaching, rather authorized more teachers for higher Levels.

The only difference is His position that the energy is coming from the soul of the Master.

I know this is a hot & sticky topic. It feels like the 'elephant in the room' that nobody talk about. I hope it is not too hot for people to share their opinions with me.

(Respectfully please, I am asking in a spirit of trying to understand! I would really appreciate some feedback to try to gain a wider perspective.)

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