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01-05-2008 3:53 am Torbalan4o
29-04-2008 3:06 am Farkhad Fatkullin
Interestingly, this year Orthodox Easter was the day after 22nd anniversery of Chernobyl' nuclear explosion...
26-04-2008 2:25 pm istvan
Happy Easter for all orthodox members
21-04-2008 9:39 pm admin
Happy birthday to MirgorodskyDA
08-04-2008 3:52 am Myriam
Dear Thien Thu, I confirmed by mail back to forum may be you don't receive, yes yes thank you very much I get it very well Love and light !!
03-04-2008 8:42 am thien thu 2
Dear Myriam.Pls cfm of U hv rcvd the info on La physique d l'energie du point Zero ( sent to U via forum's mail
01-04-2008 12:40 am healingnow4u
sorry admin..i did what your email said
29-03-2008 11:28 am admin
Happy Birthday to Torbalan
26-03-2008 9:45 am healingnow4u
It is so sad that USA center's do not post any classes in there area's...Please talk with them when you see them to post on MEL-global.com ...Com On! Love and Light to you all...
25-03-2008 11:49 am abhinandha
request for transfering energy, thanks.
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