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13-02-2008 8:32 am tumel
Today is the first day of the seminar
12-02-2008 3:13 am healingnow4u
does anyone have any info. on L 20 that Lady Thereas is putting on this munth
11-02-2008 7:00 pm admin
Thank Lotus. Have a nice day!
10-02-2008 4:27 pm lotus
Welcome back, dear admin. Though we were missing you, I hope you enjoyed the Tet holidays home!
10-02-2008 1:08 pm admin
I have just come back from my hometown after Tet holidays. I couldn't take care the forum while I was gone. Thanks Vladimir for your kind support during that time.
09-02-2008 1:24 pm tumel
Dear Thienthu, I think you should ask admin to kick him out this forum so that he could not spam any more. I am in US now, if so are you, it is very nice to meet you in an ue conference.
08-02-2008 2:40 am thien thu 2
Dear Tumel. Looks like you station out of VN ( you visited this forum at 02AM VN time today. Did you notice a spammer by nick AdmitsCisppet, aunched a thread "free lesbian porn movie" in this forum. Can you find a way to ban this post? I am a low tech internet surfer and feel a little bit annoyed by this frequent spam post !!
07-02-2008 7:59 am thien thu 2
Chao nam moi Tumel va hoang tien dung
07-02-2008 5:49 am thien thu 2
Dear admin, appreciated yr timely job: deleted in time one spammer who sneaked in advertising V-pill in the English language forum!
07-02-2008 5:37 am Daniela
I forgot to write PEACE! But I think there is no other way we could be in Harmony, but first to reach the inner peace, which would automatically lead, from individual to entire humankind, to THE PEACE WE ALL NEED!
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