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01-11-2007 9:53 am tinhthuong
hello everybody, i'm beginner.
01-11-2007 5:13 am vladimir
Salam Farideh joon
01-11-2007 2:02 am healingnow4u
She has been a great assit to MEL school so please let her know how loved she by us all. Love and Prayers to you all also.
01-11-2007 1:58 am healingnow4u
Please send Minh Hiep your love are prayers...her court case is coming up in Belgum. Our Love for her is abundant!
31-10-2007 7:14 am tanny1966
hello brother & sister hand in hand together
31-10-2007 5:29 am Juliana
Big hug Anthony, this time I concoinesly prepare to sleep )
31-10-2007 5:27 am Juliana
Hi Myriam Ijust noticed it as well. I am very happy I see you May you have a nice and quiet evening
31-10-2007 5:22 am Myriam
Hello Vladimir and every body I just notice the minichat Love and Light
31-10-2007 2:04 am ThienThanVeTroi
See you against, for a long time!
29-10-2007 10:36 pm hanneke
Love you all
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