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03-12-2007 2:12 am Füsun Kurdakul
merhaba dear Vladi
03-12-2007 2:11 am vladimir
Merhaba sevgili Fusun
01-12-2007 8:06 pm vladimir
Hello Hanneke Good to see you on screen
26-11-2007 3:26 am vladimir
Light of Joy to You all
24-11-2007 11:26 pm hanneke
dear all, miles away and so close. Love you!
24-11-2007 8:55 pm vladimir
22-11-2007 1:39 am Kim
hello, can somebody please explain me how to make and post a new thread, because I tried but now my message is in a wrong place. thank you!
21-11-2007 9:54 pm admin
Hello everyone, have a nice day
11-11-2007 5:56 am Myriam
Hi Aynur how are U Love !
09-11-2007 11:17 pm Torbalan4o
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